I recently received this question from Stephanie:

Is it wrong to blog hop?

Well, Stephanie, I found this question kind of odd actually. The reason people post links to other blogs on their blog is so you will look (or hop) to that blog. With Google Reader I do a lot less blog hopping, but if you have an hour to kill, it is pretty fun to look at the pictures of some kid's birthday party who you will never meet. A more appropriate question is:

Is it wrong to blog stalk?

The internet is free game. Unless you make your blog private, people who you do not know will look at your blog. This is just the way it works. I am always surprised by people who apologize for being a "blog stalker." There is nothing wrong with it! Although I love finding out who is actually reading this, it's okay if you never leave a comment.

So, speaking of blog stalking, Nancy gave me this very flattering little award on her blog. Instead of passing it along though, I would like to draw your attention to some of my favorite blogs that I have listed on the upper left hand corner of this page:

A Random Stranger
- A very well written blog. I sometimes wish I could write about politics, but I'm afraid it would alienate all of you. This guy doesn't care what anyone thinks.

Young and Fabulous
- This blogger talks fashion and answers reader questions about what to wear. Oh, and she happens to be my sister.

I am My Jewish Mother
- My mother is slowly writing her life story on the internet. I love it.

How Charming - If only I could be half as funny as Jamie...

The Archives of Our Lives - I've never met Camille and probably never will, but I know more about her life than the lives of most of my good friends.

Wash Your Hands Afterwards
- Another well written blog. I am always impressed by how much she is able to accomplish with 3 small children.

If anyone has questions or something you would like me to blog about, please contact me at ordinaryhousewife@gmail.com.


  1. I have a speech prepared. First I would like to thank God for giving me the talent to blog. . .

    I started this speech on nancy's post as well but that's as far as i got.

    i've been reading your mom's blog and it truly cracks me up. Leaves me in "stitches" if I dare say.

    Does this mean I'm going to get prop 8 haters clicking over to my blog and insulting me?

  2. Only if you are lucky, Jamie. Only if you are lucky.

  3. I feel like a blog stalker, even though I think I've commented before. I'm glad you're not offended. :-)

  4. I've been known to stalk other blogs. The funny thing is, the ones that I've gotten up the courage to leave a comment on, they've admitted that they stalk my blog too!

  5. I care what people think; I just know they all already think I'm crap.
    Thanks for your kind words. Your blog is one that I check regularly when I should be working. Like right now.

  6. Ha! Thanks for the links. I can always count on your blog for a good read, and I appreciate your comments on mine.

  7. I'm not a blog stalker at all. I blog hop but i always leave a comment. I found you through saucy moms and I absolutely ADORE comments!

  8. I think you are definitely a stalker if your personal blog is private but you go on other's public blogs...that's stalking. I feel bad that they can't go to mine but then I get over it because mine's boring. By the way, if you want access to mine let me know and I'll get your email address from Leslie and add you. But like I said mine's boring. I love to live vicariously through yours (& others) and wish I was as witty as you are.

  9. I think it's funny because I actually look at the blogs of some of the people who leave comments on your blog :)

    I guess I like blog hopping also.

    And isn't it the blog stalking that's helping pay for your future home - lol!

  10. So I have a question: I've always been wondering who is the person behind the blog "seriously so blessed"?? This blog is extremely strange to me so please let me know "if it is fake or not"? (i'm serious)

  11. I love blog stalking... I figure it's why we all have blogs. If people didn't want people hopping to their blog, they would have a private blog. Thanks for shooting people back at me. I enjoy all the hoppers I can get.



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