Today I was at the supermarket and I saw this attractive 40-something woman dressed like a 7 year old girl. She had on a green smock dress over a t-shirt, green crocs and a fake flower in her pigtails. The whole outfit was so bizarre that I couldn't stop looking. She even had 2 kids with her.

Her outfit reminded me of something that Charlize Theron would wear on Arrested Development, except that she wasn't a Mr F... at least I don't think she was. As I was driving home, I said a silent prayer in the car that I would always dress my age and never embarrass myself in Savemart like that real life Mr F did.

I need to say a lot more prayers like that because I really don't know how to dress my age. Besides a few givens (avoid the juniors department, don't buy tennis shoes with Sesame Street characters that light up when I walk, there is a reason the J Lo line is always on sale at TJ Maxx, etc., etc.), I am always in doubt when presented with the option of buying something that I would have worn ten years ago. Is it okay for me to wear a Roxy hoodie? Will my Young Women laugh at me if I wear clothes from Hollister or American Eagle? How does a 30 year old keep her dignity without dressing like an old lady?

It is a cruel reality that at this point in my life I can finally afford the stylish clothes that teenagers want to wear, but that I am too old to be wearing them.


  1. Oh Mr F... I'm going to have to go home now & watch me some "Arrested Development!" Thanks for this!

  2. Maybe one suggestion is to always try to dress a little "nicer" meaning more sophisticated, or just think a little more dressy, without over doing it. If you wear a nice pair of jeans with a shirt other than some old t-shirt and a pair of flats that should help. Now speaking of "lounge wear", I think we all know how to look our age and be "comfortably casual". Just look at Kelley for example: She owns a juicy couture sweatsuit for every day of the week (not really), but something comparible would work. Speaking of crocs: I saw a lady with her daughter (the mom was probably 30) wearing the new "heel/open toe/sandal" with a simple short skirt and shirt and she looked very nice. Of course she also looked like a model, so maybe that helped.

  3. luckily you have the style guru (aka Kelley) for a sister! :)

  4. Story of my life. When my brother got home from his mission when I was a kid he had a girl he was dating take him shopping for new clothes. He was so well dressed for awhile. That's what I want... but also unlimited resources with which to buy all the clothes that look that nice and sophisticated.

  5. I'm so glad you know your Arrested Development. That made this post even better. I feel that the answers to your questions would make a good post on Kelley's blog.

  6. If you figure this out, please let me know. I've often thought that I'm in this weird alternate dimension of dressing. Too young for Dress Barn, too old for, well, most of the stores found in a mall.

    Now I have "For British Eyes Only" running through my head.

  7. I have no idea. I'd rather die than be 30.

    : )

    Just teasing you, Cristin. And making fun of my not-yet-22-ness.

  8. I say go for it! You can totally pull off the hollister t's that say "I heart surfers". or "Popular seems kind of conceited, So let's just say I'm high in demand*" ..really, You just have to remind yourself that Paris Jilton is like 30 and she still dresses like a barbie doll! If she can wear tiaras so can you!

    *This really is a t-shirt at hollisterco.com

  9. Kaci isn't joking- I do own a juicy outfit for everyday of the week! (I'm just surprised she actually thinks thats fashionable though)

    Cristin- please don't shop at holister, don't even think about going into holister and the same goes for AE. I am still only 25 and I don't even shop at those places. the clothes are junk. if your going to buy cheap trendy apparel go to stores like forever21. You will have much better luck in dressing your age there than you would shopping at hollister.

  10. Bless you, bless you for wanting to dress your age, and stylishly! Women like the one you described scare me.



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