Who would have thought that my little Proposition 8 post would cause such a stir?! My story about using Charlie as a political tool* got picked up by a Los Angeles based news blog yesterday and then numerous gay Mormon forums. Nice.

At first I was mad that I was being called a bigot, (and that Betty Bowers thing really irritated me too), but then I saw my page loads go through the roof! Exciting stuff!

So, to all the Proposition 8 haters that are visiting my blog for the first time, I welcome you. Stop by anytime!

Since you obviously have a lot of anger that you need to get out, here are other topics that I have recently written on that you might find controversial and enjoy commenting on:

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And let's not forget the most controversial topic of them all -

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You see people, I'm just an ordinary housewife. Calm down. Save your hateful comments for political forums, not silly housewife blogs. If anything, these kind of reactions make me want to go out and talk to even more people about Proposition 8!

*Sarcasm is denoted in GREEN


  1. It's like I said- there is no such thing as negative publicity!

  2. Since you're so popular now, be sure and let us know when Access Hollywood calls to talk about Pierce's singing voice. I'm sure the "Let Pierce Sing" movement has an active lobby of bloggers too. (And this should be in all green, in case anyone was wondering. I don't want to be considered Anti-Pierce, by any means.)

  3. This is serious. I hope you lock your doors at night, and maybe you should wear a disguise during the day.
    p.s congratulations for now really being the most popular blog ever

  4. You are an ordinary housewife who will continue to be a married ordinary housewife on November 5th.

    You are also working to deny relationships to other ordinary housewives who do not fit your religious view.

    They're not working to deny you anything.

  5. What in the world? There are a lot of angry people. So it is wrong for us to express our beliefs that marriage is between a man and woman and "force" (as someone said) our beliefs on others. Okay, so what is it that proposition 8 is doing. I'm pretty sure that it is forcing their beliefs on us. Am I correct?

    Way to stir the pot Cristin!

    P.S. There is nothing harder in this world than being "an ordinary housewife." Keep up the good work.

  6. cristin, again, kudos to you for being controversial and expressing [and acting on] your opinion. and look at your husband jumping in there and getting a few punches in for you. that's tuff!

  7. I'm sorry Shannon, I'm not understanding your post.

    What exactly is the legal status of gay couples forcing you to do?

    Are you being forced to marry somebody you don't want to?

    Is your church being forced to perform ceremonies they don't agree with?

    I'd really like to be clear on what you are being forced to do.

    On the other hand, you will be forcing others to live by your particular religious standards.

    Let's be real here, you don't want to see people you view as "icky" having a civil marriage license.

    It's not that you're forced to attend their weddings, the fact that they exist and are equal to you under the law is the problem here.

    The very fact that many of them have kids and your are in effect punishing their families is something you'll have to answer for, not me. I'm not punishing your family at the ballot box.

  8. With so many hits from angry people, you should find out how to do some advertising on your blog. Then you can make some extra money to help get you into that house even sooner!! Good Luck and Good Job for standing up for what you believe!!

  9. Cristin I had no idea that you were such a pot stirrer! Props to you and Erik for expressing your opinion. But I guess freedom of speech gives everyone the right to comment....I just wish it wasn't so vicious. Too bad those that left comments don't know you and your personality. I think you are GREAT! I guess we will see what happens at the polls. Too bad we don't live in Cali still cause we are all for Prop 8!

  10. Since you displayed your prop 8 beliefs so angrily, it only makes sense that you should get such angry replies from others whose beliefs are different than yours*

    *Sarcasm denoted in BOLD
    - Troy

  11. Something I have learned as I have grown older is that people have differing views and that one who is strong and confident in their views or beliefs cannot be change. I have learned to accept these views as their own just like I want them to accept my views for what they are. So in politics or moral issues, if I disagree with someone (as many of your commentors do with your opinion) it is their right to comment, but why beat against the stone wall. Are they trying to persuade you by nasty comments that their view is the more correct? They won't win because you are stong in your opinion. And if anything you will be more sure of your opinion.

    The interesting thing about Prop 8 is that there are no rights being taken away from anyone. Gay couples can still live together, can still adopt and raise families. They still enjoy all the same rights that my husband and I enjoy. So there are no rights being jeopordized. But I do not agree (here is my opinion) that traditional marriage is the same as a gay marriage. My opnion is based off a moral opinion and so yes, I am going to speak out against it, but I am not speaking out against anyone's rights. So if anyone is going to try and persuade me with mean words (or even kind words) that my opinion is wrong, well... good luck because I feel stongly in my opinion about this moral issue. I am not closed minded, I read and talk with people of both sides of this issue, but I am stong in my opinion, just like I am sure they are strong in theirs.

  12. Dear Scott,
    if I start talking about Prop 8- will you start reading my blog too? I want some more blog readers/stalkers. Actually Scott you might really like my blog, becuase it's about FASHION!


  13. LDS ‘Yes on 8′ Game Plan

    I’ve posted a letter sent from Boyd K. Packer on July 28th to the LDS stake presidents in California:

    BKP July 28th

    Apparently, there is a plan in place to put up one million ‘Yes on 8′ yard signs at 7:00 am on September 22nd.

  14. Wow. You're kind of a D-List celebrity now.

  15. Well Kelley, it's nice to know that you continue to stereotype people you don't know.

    I'm not really that into fashion, nor are a lot of gay people.

    I didn't know innuendo was a Christian/Mormon virtue.

  16. Hey, Nice Ads. I made sure to click on each one for you. Now you'll have at least a couple of pennies to go towards your new home. Good Luck! EVERY little bit helps.

  17. Wow you are popular :P

    I have always had the tendancy to avoid religious and political talks. So many people get angry or call names which really isn't helping any argument. Not all but a lot of the opposing views expressed here are just angry people calling names, and sadly that doesn't help their argument even if it is a valid one.

    I find some of the best religous/ political conversations/debates I have experienced are between two people who don't agree, but clearly, logically and calmly express their opposing views without resorting to anger, blame placing, or name calling.

  18. god, you "Yes on Prop 8" are idiots.

    Until last month, my partner of 22 years and I had no inheritance rights, no property rights on real estate we own together, no medical-decision making rights, no rights to social security benefits as married people have, etc. etc.

    Now, after a quick ceremony at city hall, we do. How does my marriage hurt you?

    I don't understand why you think it's ok to force your beliefs and values on me.

    If you don't like gay marriage, then don't marry a person of the same sex.

    If you don't approve of homosexuals, then don't have homosexual sex.

    I'm not asking you to live your life contrary to your personal beliefs, so please get your big fat bigoted Betty Bowers nose out of my life.

  19. The anti 8 crowd is sure good a calling names. I do have to admit, KenC and Nick L. have actually be good at continuing a fair an mature converstation about their anti-8 views, but these newbies need to learn that name calling only discounts any decent comments or thoughts they may share.

  20. Thats exactly what I was talking about... I mean moondoggie had a decent start at real reasons for being anti 8 with "Until last month, my partner of 22 years..." But pretty much negated all that with "idiots" and "your big fat bigoted Betty Bowers nose" now that's all people see and the intelligent argument part is gone :(
    While most yes to prop 8 people are very steadfast in their opinion, perhaps there are a couple on the fence that you could actually sway by intelligent logical argument for the other side? If they are going to try to convince you with rational argument and no name calling to vote yes, why don't you try to use rational argument for the opposite. I know there are intelligent anti 8 people out there and don't need to be reduced to name calling. as erik said, there are at least a couple people that can handle that.

    for the record I would be one of those on the fence people. While not Mormon, my religion does push towards the yes to 8, but knowing some absolutely wonderful people who happen to be gay, I want them to have everything they want in life, and would hate to see them hurt because of being gay. So, until I sort out my head I enjoy reading the intelligent arguments from both sides... Not just on Cristin's now HUGELY popular site :P but everywhere



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