The other day my neighbor asked me (with a straight face) if I had seen the ghost roaming around in their backyard. I said, "No, tell me more about it so I will recognize it when I see it!" (It was so hard for me not to laugh during this conversation.) Very seriously, she said, "You know, these homes were built on farms, so it make sense that the ghost resembles a Chinese farmer." I thought, "Whoa - a Chinese farmer? You mean like this guy?"

When Erik wanted to buy this hat while we were camping I couldn't bring myself to come right out and tell him that I thought it was ugly because he liked it so much. Instead, I opted to say it looked like something someone who worked in the rice fields would wear. I figured that would make him not want to buy it, but he was like, "Cool!" and plopped down $15.

I have to remind myself that it could have been worse. This was my brother-in-law's hat during our camping trip:

His wife (my sister-in-law) put it best when she said, "It looks like the kind of hat that the Relief Society uses to make center pieces." Larry knew she didn't like it, but he wore it proudly the whole week we were camping. Gotta love his attitude!

Why can't women be as forgiving as men? Whenever Erik's hair gets big, he starts to look like Elton John. I tell him this and he doesn't seem offended one bit. If he told me that I looked like Elton John, I would freak out. Crocodile Rock aside, it's probably much harder to be a guy, because women do not take criticism well.

Erik once asked me five minutes before we were leaving the house for a party, "Is that what you're wearing?" I went ballistic. I screamed about how hard it was to find clothes that fit right since I had a baby. I blamed him for my ugly clothes because his job made us move so far away from real stores. The worst part was the babysitter in the other room listening to my entire teenage-esque tantrum. So embarrassing.

Or take last night for example. Erik asked, "Will you be offended if I put garlic salt on my dinner?" I said, "No," but I was really irritated.

I don't want to be the over-sensitive wife that can't be told that her cooking is bad or outfit is ugly. I just am, but don't tell me I am or I will freak out.


  1. I have a double Chin in this picture so I look fat... who am I kidding I am Fat. To bad I'm not a rice farmer, cause those guys are always super skinny from all their hard work.

  2. Thanks goodness the men are so forgiving or else there would probably be a lot more divorces.

  3. I don't think Erik's hat is that bad- it's kind of like a lifegaurds hat, but Larry's hat! I'm sorry Trine, that looks like an old ladies hat!

  4. you don't have to tell me, I've been making fun of that hat the minute he got it! I BEGGED him to get a hat like Erik's if he wanted a big one, but noooo, he stubbornly says you can't beat the price of his hat ($2) or the function. Great. My favorite part is that is looks like Cristin took that picture of him incognito, the way Kelley secretly takes pictures of crazy dressed people at the mall! :)

  5. Spencer has a hat like the one Erik is wearing...I find it rather embarrassing.

  6. SO I don't get it, is Erik the Ghost? Or Does the Ghost just remind you of Erik? You sound a lot like me. Sometimes I think Zach is going to get really offended when I tell him things like that and he never does!

  7. yeah who is the ghost? erik?

  8. Kaci and Caitlin - Erik isn't the ghost. My neighbor really thinks she saw a ghost!



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