Watching the Olympics this week reminds me of the time when Erik tried to go to the Olympics. He could have been the next Michael Phelps for all we know, which means that I could have been married to "Michael Phelps."

It was 2004 and before we had kids, so we were fancy free and anything seemed possible. Erik sat down with me one day and said, "I really want to go to the Olympics. " So, naturally, we discussed all the sports that were a possibility, aiming for Beijing in 2008.

Weightlifting? Too heavy.
Swimming? Too much work.
Running? Too much training.
Judo? Too obscure.

After going through the list, we decided that sailing would be Erik's best ticket to Beijing in 2008. Erik reviewed the requirements and thought it could be a possibility because of his mad sailing skills. The only problems being that a) he did not have a boat and b) he did not have money. (Note that I did not list the slim chance that he would actually make it to the Olympics as a problem.)

Erik and his friend, Jared, found an Olympic class sailboat for $1,000 in the classifieds, and they drove all the way from Provo to Sacramento in one day to fetch it. When they got there, it looked worse than this -

... and it had a broken hull.

Erik and Jared then proceeded to find sponsors to make their Olympic dream possible. I, in the meantime, was working on getting my passport renewed so that I could travel to China to cheer them on in 2008.

Tahitian Noni agreed to meet with them and Erik spent hours putting together their presentation for sponsorship. He estimated that they would need a total of $200,000 to make their Olympic campaign a reality. Tahitian Noni said they would give them all "the product" (aka juice) they wanted for free. Since you can't get to the Olympics by juice alone (no matter how "life altering" it might be), they looked for other sponsors, but nothing came to fruition, and their Olympic dream faded.

Damn you, Tahitian Noni.


  1. Cristin, this is a really weird story.

  2. Cristin, you crack me up. Too bad about the olympic dream that went down the toilet! Those Tahitian Noni's guys really missed out!

  3. I was going to say the same thing kelley said. Are you really tired?

  4. Too bad. We would have donated at least $10 to the cause.

  5. Oh my!!! When you commented on my blog and said he had a campaign to make it to the Olympics, I had no idea just how serious you were-- or should I say, how serious HE was.

    THat is beyond the most amazing thing. Ever.

    I've thought about trying stuff like that, but, as you can see, all it ever amounts to is me sitting on a couch in Fargo with a laptop, leaving comments on other people's blogs about how I should've done something like that.

  6. yes, damn then........ smashing people's dreams with such false hopes like free juice. Seriously.

  7. Did you hear about the guy on the US sailing team who's in his 40s and has been trying to make it to the Olympics since he was in college? Maybe it isn't Erik's time yet. He could always try a different sport, like the trampoline or badminton.



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