I don't know much about this woman yet, except that she has a baby the same age as Charlie!

I'm having trouble getting the laundry done, and she's running for vice-president. If ever I felt like a failure for not being able to do more after having a baby, it's now.

Thanks a lot, McCain.

On second thought, Palin should have been holding her baby during today's speech, you know, like those crazy women that take their crying babies up with them to the pulpit during testimony meeting. She could have dressed him in a Prop 8 Onesie, and then he would be a true political tool!

*Everyone remember what green means, right?


  1. Not to judge anybody, but does Palin's baby know that Palin is his/her mommy? My mom worked for a little bit when I was a toddler, until she came home one day and heard me calling my sister "Mommy". My mom decided to quit her job right then. I don't want people feeling guilty if they can't stay at home, but at the same time I don't think stay at home mom's should think they aren't accomplishing anything....

  2. And she went back to work 3 days after it was born! While your comment about feeling like a failure first struck me as funny, I realized that there is big difference between you two. Don't feel bad, you are actually raising your children and she delegates that responsibilty to someone else while she goes to work.

  3. Just looking at that picture I can tell you that this duo is NOT GOING TO WIN. You pick a Vice president that at any moment can step in as acting president, now Do you REALLY feel ok with Palin taking over if McCain were to croak? Nope and that's what they are going to have to prove now.

  4. I personally would have a very difficult time working a full-time job, especially as vice president if I had a baby Charlie's and Sam's age.

    I agree with you about having a hard time staying caught up with the laundry and maintaining my house as well as taking care of kids. If she can do it, good luck to her.

    Think about it this way, she probably doesn't have a blog as funny and interesting as yours, eh?

  5. Most likely she's either going to be a great Vice-President and a crappy mom or vice versa... stupid overachievers- you have nothing to feel like a failure about!

  6. I have trouble getting the laundry done, changing out of my pj's before 2 pm and getting enough sleep to still have a personality. It's exhausting having a toddler. I guess if I went out to work too, I'd have A LOT more energy. But, my daughter would pay the price. So, I'll stick with being tired, mothering my daughter and have no regrets :)

  7. She also fired the mansion's chef when she became gov. Does that mean she also cooks for her family every meal?

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