Yesterday I walked up to my car and found this flyer placed on it by a local church:

Talk about scary! It looks like some sort of death threat, not an invitation to their Sunday services.

I have a really hard time with the concept of "living like you are dying." If I knew I was dying, I would do things a lot differently. Erik would quit his job and we would travel the world. We would not make long term plans or save money. Of course, you can't live like that or you would save nothing and make no long-term plans.

Lately, I've been feeling very "oppressed." We've been extremely determined to live on a tight budget and save money these past few years. Yet, I feel like we are so focused on saving that we are never able to enjoy what money we do save.

Well, yesterday, I just about had it. I just had to spend some money. No, we did not get a bonus, raise, or win the lottery. We just went on a crazy spending spree because we couldn't take it anymore.

First, Erik bought some shoes...

...I bought expensive concert tickets...

... then, Erik bought a 30 gallon salt water aquarium!

So, for that one day, I really felt like we were living like we were dying, because we hardly ever spend money. I wish I could tell you that money doesn't buy happiness, but I actually felt really good yesterday, so maybe it does!


  1. Good for you! Sometimes you really just need a materialistic pick-me-up... and there is nothing wrong with that :)

  2. Way to splurge! But that aquarium sounds like a lot of work. And the fish and insides of it aren't cheap! Erik got two things...you need something else too! :)

  3. Erik - an aquarium? Really? LOL

    Looks like those ads are paying off, eh?

    Live it up :)

  4. I'm really happy to hear you guys went on a shopping spree- it was long over due, and your welcome for giving you the Coldplay tickets idea!
    p.s. that flyer is so creepy!

  5. You have to do things once in a while like that or it just turns to drudgery. You need to reward yourself occasionally. It's not bad, it's HEALTHY(:

  6. There is a comedian who said, Money doesn't buy happiness . . . that phrase should end with "just kidding." Money buys a wave runner. Have you ever seen anybody frown on a wave runner?" Then again didn't Weird Al Yankovic say, "If money can't buy happiness, I guess I'll have to rent it?" I'm a big fan of retail therapy.

    And thanks for the comment you left me, I have already sent them an email requesting more info.

  7. I agree. Sometimes you just need to go spend some moo-lah. :-) As long as you don't get buyers remorse afterward... Good luck with the fish tank! I'd love to see more pics of it once you get it all going!

  8. Oh, I can assure you money DOES BUY HAPPINES. Why else could Target fill my life with such joy?

    But Cristin--shoes and a salt water aquarium? Those are probably the last things i would buy if I was living like I was dying. At least I approve of your concert tickets. : )

  9. Those have got to be the weirdest items to buy on a "shopping spree"
    And I always think the same thing: What's the point of saving saving saving and never spending?



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