This weekend I tried the infamous and controversial raw milk for the first time in my life. It was excellent and lives up to the hype (especially if you don't shake it up and just drink the cream off the top. Mmmmm.) As I type this, I am drinking a cup of normal milk and it's kind of gross compared to raw milk. I've been ruined forever.

Although I have an easy way to get raw milk in town, at $6.90 per 1/2 gallon, I can't afford it. I would have to order 12 1/2 gallons a week to keep up with our milk consumption. That would be $358 a month on milk alone! I just can't justify it, regardless of how good it is.

If you were to ask Erik what he would do if he had a million dollars, he would probably get his pilots license right now. I, on the other hand have bigger plans for that money. I would eat my way through it.

If I had a million dollars, I would shop at places like Whole Foods, sorry, I meant, Lassens, for everything. We would eat grass fed beef imported from New Zealand for lunch and lobster for dinner. We would use raw milk in our pancake batter. I would give my children boxes of organic juice and expensive crackers. My refrigerator would be full of kefir and Naked Juice. I would eat exotic breads, french pastries, and brie whenever I liked. The only ice cream allowed in our home would be Haagen-Dazs. All our produce would be organic.

I'm not alone in this idea. Read any gossip magazine, and there are countless pictures of celebrities (aka millionaires) going grocery shopping at Whole Foods! I have yet to find a picture of a celebrity at Winco or Food For Less. Really rich people spend a lot of money on their food just because they can.

Gwen Stefani and family.
(If I had a million dollars, I would not take my toddler to the grocery store with me.)

Nicole Ritchie exiting Whole Foods and drinking a Naked Juice.

Orlando Bloom stealing a shopping cart from Whole Foods.

It's hard to believe that Victoria Beckham does her own grocery shopping, but here she is in 5 inch heels at, you guessed it, Whole Foods!

Now, those that really know me are are probably thinking, "Wait, can't you get most of this food at a discount?" Yes, but it's still expensive, so it'll just be rice and beans/beans and rice for the time being.

One day... one day.


  1. I love Naked Juice. And I would shop at Whole Foods if I could afford it. And if we had one nearby. We don't even have a Trader Joe's. Utah makes me sad sometimes.

  2. I would probably buy a lot of natural/healthy food if we could afford it. My parents are regular Good Earth customers (for those in Utah County). I think wanting to buy healthy food is one legitimate reason to want a lot of money. Everything in the grocery stores is so processed these days!
    Of course, if I were really ambitious, I'd have a garden and grow my own produce, but I have no talent or energy for that.

  3. Actually, I used to buy raw milk, so you have had it before. (Remember my food co-op days?) And I loved skimming the cream off the top and making butter with it. However, your father would always scream that I was trying to kill him with that scary "raw" milk, so those days didn't last long. I bought a carton of the organic kind on clearance the other day and it was actually really, really good and rich and creamy---for 2% even. I'll bet you can find a private source. But maybe that would be scary too.

  4. We have our milk delivered to us from the local dairy and it is sooooo much better than the milk they sell at the grocery store. Much creamier and just a better taste overall. Plus I figure we'll helping someone with their own business (aka our milk man - it's his business) and I don't have to make a separate trip each week to the grocery store just to get some milk.

    P.S. I could be wrong but I don't think Haagen-Dazs is organic? LOL

  5. Does your family seriously consume 12 1/2 gallons of milk a week? I thought we went through a lot and we probably average about 3-4 gallons a week. More if I make a lot of chocolatey desserts.

  6. We switched to raw milk a while back and though we are not BIG milk drinkers, I noticed we drank considerably less when I bought raw. I gave the kids half cups instead of full and saved the cups they didn't finish in the refrigerator :-) I felt like if I dumped it, I was throwing away GOLD! I had done the math as well. We really consumed 1/2 of what we typically did. Note: my kids don't like the raw milk as much, but I think it's better for them, esp. with allergies...it does go bad faster too.

  7. Your family drinks six gallons a week? Wow! We only drink about two. But Nate and I like water and only use milk with our cereal. So really it's just the kids that drink it. I just don't like the taste of it. But I have to say, I LOVE Whole Foods, too. I usually buy my fish there. And sometimes their specialty bread. Luckily it's kind of a drive to get there and totally out of the way, so I don't go very often (thank goodness... I don't think our budget could handle it if we had one down the street).

  8. I usually always find sales on organic milk. It is SO much better than non-organic, and because it tastes better I only buy non-fat or 1%. You would get SO fat drinking that raw milk! I also only try to buy meat/fish that is marked half off because of expiration date. I immediately put in freezer and only take out what I will be using on a day-to day basis. You will Save SO much money that way because as much as you want to "plan weekly meals" things ALWAYS come up and you are required to change and usually food ends up going bad.

  9. Ha! If I was a millionaire, I would first MOVE to a city that knew what a Whole Foods is, and THEN buy yuppie food. Money can buy happiness. I'm so sure of it.

  10. This is so true, I often wonder what I would look like if I had a million dollars... But I have been so behind in reading you blog (having a baby I guess has taken away all my free time, weird!) But I missed the whole prop 8 fiasco, that was awesome! I read a lot of the comments I couldn't believe how famous you have become! Then I went back farther and found out I missed your blog about Jared and Erik's Olympic dream!!It was so funny, but the funniest part was how people commented that it was so weird! And I thought you know what? It was a crazy thing to do! I'm just so used to Jared's crazy ideas they don't phase me. Did you know Jared wants to be a race car driver now. He is still trying to get sponsers! No joke!



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