I am late for everything. It is getting to be really embarrassing. I am always hopeful that we can start getting ready to leave the house ten minutes before we need to be out the door and it never works. Never.

Fortunately, I have devised this helpful formula to know when to begin getting ready to leave the house so that we can be on time:

Time You Need to Pull Out of the Driveway: 9:30 a.m.

Add 5 Minutes for each child in diapers.
Add 15 Minutes if you have a nursing baby.
Add 10 Minutes for each child you need to get dressed.
Add 10 Minutes if your baby spits up a lot.
Add 20 Minutes if you have to feed a toddler.
Add 5 Minutes to pack your diaper bag.
Add 20 Minutes if you need to get ready also.
Add 20 Minutes if you need to actually look good.
Add 20 Minutes if your kids need to look good too.
Add 10 Minutes if you need to move anything from one car to another.
Divide the Total of These Added Minutes by Two if another adult is helping you.
Add 20 minutes To that Total if the other adult helping you is your husband or someone else that is easily distracted.

Using this formula, I would need to begin getting ready at 7:00 a.m. to leave the house at 9:30 a.m.

Yet, if you nurse the baby at 7:00 a.m., he will need to be nursed again before you leave at 9:30 a.m. Starting this early also means that diapers will need to be changed twice. This now compounds the problem, making your start time even earlier. My life has turned into a bad word problem and I don't know the answer.

It's a wonder I ever leave the house.


  1. This should be an olympic competition. you should start training now for 2012.

  2. yes, i feel the same way. We have 9am church(which is across the street thank goodness)and so scott and I get up by 7am, I get all dressed and ready while scott makes breakfast. we all eat. then i get elisabeth dressed and hair done, Scott does Charlie, whoever is finished first does Annabelle, then I feed her and we're out the door by 845 which is amazing to me but we somehow manage to do it. When I'm on my own during the week I make sure not to schedule any sort of play dates where we have to leave the house before 1030am...I usually end up packing lots of snacks or lunch too so that we can just eat while we're out. Sometimes(that's probably an understatement) it feels a little hectic.

  3. Just wait until you have THREE!! Then it REALLY becomes a challenge.

  4. Haha! So TRUE! Especially the part about the husband that's supposed to be helping keeps getting distracted. Yep, that's us! :-)

  5. You forgot to add 15 minutes when you have a husband who is incapable of picking out his own clothes/shoes/belt (that actually match and look decent, that is) and then of course ironing the shirt and/or pants, because heaven forbid he actually has to pull out the iron & board and do it himself...

  6. p.s... I'd like to know who voted "never, thats rude" on your slydial survey... great inventions are totally wasted on some people! Must be one of the haters who also thinks your a bigot...



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