I'm home. Vacation over. Too bad. So sad.

Do you remember when songs used to touch your soul? Like in 2nd grade when I heard Madonna sing "Crazy for You," I felt like she was expressing the inner most thoughts of my heart about my crush on some boy I now can't remember.

It's very rare these days that a song does that for me. I really liked Redondo Beach. It's only 2 hours from our house, but since we rarely go to that area of L.A. it felt like a fun little vacation for us. As I was driving out of town I heard the song, "Beverly Hills" by Weezer. I've never liked that song, but at that moment I felt like it described exactly how I was feeling. I want to live within walking distance of the beach, but it's too expensive and we're too poor. Oh, the injustice.

We especially liked the area where my mom grew up. It was a short 10 minute drive from our hotel, so we drove around and explored her old neighborhood. We got dinner and ate it at this nearby park:

Look at this picture. These kids are practicing football. I want to practice football with a view of the ocean. The view from the park is absolutely gorgeous. You can see Catalina Island. I wonder if these kids even notice it or they just take it for granted because they see it every day. This photo really doesn't do the view justice. The different shade of blue towards the bottom is the ocean. Catalina is to the left.

Erik said, "Wow, I'd really like to live here, so that means we can't afford it." Why is that always the case with us? True, we could live in a big fancy house on the beach and be unhappy. I would really like to get a chance to test that theory.

I know that it doesn't really matter where you live, as long as you are with people you love. Attitude makes all the difference. Home is where the heart is. (What other cliché can I come up with to try and make myself feel better about living out here?) I know I sound materialistic and ungrateful. Just let me feel this way tonight, and I know I'll have a better outlook in the morning.

Here's some random pictures -

Here we are trying to fit in with all the rich people at the park and not look so white trash. It was hard.

Luke smiling at the camera. A rare picture.

This is how we roll when it's just me and the kiddos out for a walk.

Erik and Luke on the pier. I was so worried that Luke would try to climb off the side and he didn't.


  1. I love the pictures :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love how luke has two sippy cups.. he's so spoiled! jk. The pictures are cute! I like your stroller. I still can't believe you have two kids. I REALLY want to see Charlie and Luke!

  3. it could be worse. you could live in phoenix. :)

  4. it looks like Charlie is going through the old man stage of losing his hair.

  5. i liked your comment about trying to fit in with all the rick people at the park and not look white trash. i feel like that's what i'm always trying to do. that, and not look like we're too young to have three kids.

  6. Loved the updates on your week! Missing you and looking forward to Carpenteria this week with you. You'll have lots of helpers!

    mom lassen

  7. Cristin, I know exactly what you mean about the songs just moving you! I don't get that much anymore, either. We're actually leaving on a West Coast road trip today and this is exactly the kind of thing I would've stayed up all night obsessively making mixes for in college. I'm making some right now but it's just not the same anymore.

  8. Someday right!?!? Someday.....that's what I keep telling myself!! Love the picture of Luke smiling!! You gotta frame that one!



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