It all started with a bee.

While we were camping* last week I got stung by a bee on my ring finger. I didn't think much of it until the following day when it swelled up like a balloon and my wedding ring was stuck. I thought about leaving it on, but Ben (Erik's cousin who is a surgeon) insisted that I needed to get it off.

First, Ben tried to wrap my finger really tightly with dental floss, just like he does with the unconscious people at the hospital. That hurt really bad. (Remember, I had a baby at home in my bedroom. So when I say something hurts, it really hurts.) It didn't help that I had a little group around me as Ben tried to "operate." After about five minutes, I couldn't take it anymore and asked that we just go to a jeweler and cut it off.

Erik was like, "Whoa. You're actually going to cut off your ring? The ring I gave you! The ring I sold a sailboat for!" I've never thought of myself as a sentimental person, but it did make me feel kind of bad. That ring and I have been through a lot during the past seven years. However, it hurt really bad. I didn't really feel like I had a choice.

Besides, I figured what better place to get a ring cut off your finger than in Santa Barbara!

We headed on down to the jeweler. She couldn't do it. The surgeon wouldn't do it.

So, Erik, stepped in and cut it off. What a man.

It's difficult to tell in this picture how huge my finger was, but it was big. I know a jeweler can repair my ring, but since it always got caught on things, maybe now I can lower the ring a little and change the setting. I know that changing my wedding ring is more practical than sentimental, but the diamonds would be the same... unless of course Erik wanted to add some more diamonds to it... hint, hint.

*More about that later. It's going to take some time to compose my thoughts and pictures.


  1. Poor Cristin,

    That didn't sound like it was any fun at all. At least you didn't lose the diamonds though - you can replace the band :)

    Hope you're feeling better.

  2. Cristin you also think plucking your eyebrows is painful- so who really knows. I never want to change my wedding ring, I love it way too much just how it is, but I can imagine it is tempting since they have to put it back together anyways

  3. I am sorry that it hurt so much!! I don't think it's a big deal if you want to chang your ring. My grandma in 50 + years of marriage has rearranged her diamonds in different settings at least 5 times! Same diamonds different look. Good Luck with whatever you choose!

  4. Bee stings DO hurt but that would really scare me to have someone cut off my ring!! Weren't you worried he was going to cut your finger off!? You are so brave!

  5. Did a bee sting you in the night? I can't think of any other time I would have a bee that close to my finger, without me FLIPPING out.

  6. I got stung by a bee on my ring finger in 2003. The finger swelled up and really hurt. It lasted about a week or so until I could get my ring off. Who knew bees like to sting on the ring finger?



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