I just received an email from my dear friend, Facebook, telling me -

"You are now in a relationship with Erik Lassen."

Whew, finally. I was wondering about that.

Erik decided a few days ago to sign up for Facebook, which meant that I had to sign up too. Especially since he started taunting me with threats like, "I am totally going to have more friends than you!" Great, just what I need. Another time waster on the internet only to prove my husband wrong.

The funny thing is that most of these people aren't real friends. Erik claims otherwise, but on my list, I haven't spoken to most of these people for years. Do they even remember me? If we were in public, would we say "hello" or pretend that we didn't know each other? Do they count as a friend if we were introduced once at a party ten years ago? It's funny how I have such a desire to find people from my past, know they are alive, but not really talk to them. Just like Slydial and blogging, this is yet another way to communicate, without really communicating.


  1. i also had to chuckle when facebook told me that Erik is now married to Cristin. Finally. :)

    I feel the same way. I try to only be friends with people that I actually want to be friends with. Not random people that I did or should know. But I feel just the tiniest bit mean when I ignore their friend request. Or I just give in an accept friends I really don't want.

  2. That video is the Best!
    HI! I met you WAAY back in our Wymount days and I found you through Kirsten, your SIL and my old neighbor.
    I DO remember you and absolutely LOVE reading your blog. I go through VERY similar things as a mom of 2 boys, a toddler and new baby. You even got me to consider home-birth, for about a week.
    I'll be your friend on Facebook. One more point for you! That is, of course, unless Erik tries to add me, too.
    my new blog is ksfishbowl.blogspot.com

  3. Seriously! I have had fun on facebook finding friends all way back to elementary school. And I like the option to chat with them online. But I've gotten friend requests from people that I only knew their names in H.S. let alone talk to them in 12 years - who cares!!

    Glad that you and Erik are officially married - makes Luke and Charlie legit!

  4. LOL - I loving reading your blogs. Most of them make me laugh out loud, however, sometimes I wonder, "Is she talking about me?"

    You could get paid to write this stuff :)

  5. That video is really funny! I do the same thing with facebook. I would never talk to these people in real life!

  6. I loved the video. I signed up for Facebook to stay intouch with mission buddies around the world and plan reunions and stuff. I also looked up high school friends to see if they're alive. So the other day when I got an invite to be YOUR friend, I admit I was a little hesitant to respond. Not because I didn't want to be your friend, or end our friendship or whatever, but because we already are in contact by blogger. I'm a little confused about the purpose of the thing myself. I don't play the games (that just rope you into getting other people involve to even find out what it is). Lot's of my friends siblings want to know what's going on in my life and "be my friend" too. Is it rude to ignore? Do they REALLY want to know what I'm up to, who I talk too? Will they ever really write to me or just stalk me? It's especially wierd when someone invites me to be their friend, I confirm and write a little note saying hi, what's up? and they NEVER reply? REJECTION. I'm not a big fan of Facebook but if you or anyone else I kind of or once knew or have heard of need me to be another number on your #3 of friends stats...I'm here for you.

  7. I have Facebook because there are people (like my brother) that have it and it's easier to see pictures of their family and such. But i love that video. Hit home, that's for sure. Oh, and you asked to be my friend first . . .



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