It's 4:00 p.m. on an average weekday. What are you doing?

I know what I'm doing. I'm getting ready for my husband to come home from work! In this, my 2nd year as a stay-at-home wife, I am perfecting the art of looking good, but not too good for when he walks in that door at 5 p.m.

For example, what would happen if you made cookies for your husband every day? He would begin to expect it. On the day that you didn't make cookies, he would freak out and scream, "Woman, where are my cookies!" Isn't it better for those cookies to remain special?

I call this The Art of Looking Good Without Really Looking Good. In other words, your husband knows you look good under those thick glasses and messy hair, but you're only going to show that side of you every third day so he doesn't get used to you looking good. That way, you can only get "better looking"!

As a kid, I saw this episode of Donahue where this woman would not let her husband see her without make-up. This freaky lady would wake up really early before him every morning to do her make-up. I never heard the end of the story, but I imagine that one day there was some emergency in the middle of the night, he turned on the lights, saw her face, ran away and never came back! Silly lady. This could have all been prevented if she would have just practiced the The Art of Looking Good Without Really Looking Good.

Everyone's method of doing The Art of Looking Good Without Really Looking Good is a little different. Mine includes lots of nasty hair rubberbands, little deodorant, no make-up, ugly mom shorts, and an old shirt from Girls Camp. (See the picture below for today's example.) I challenge everyone to do this for two days, and then on the third day actually make yourself look nice. You could even make cookies on the third day too for an added ooomph!

Good luck and you can thank me for the marriage advice later!*

Welcome home, Honey. Don't expect cookies.
This is as good as it gets today.

*Just in case you weren't sure, this whole post is a joke, kind of, sort of, okay, not really.


  1. Can I get another Amen! I love this idea. I've been doing the MAYBE once a month deal, that includes shaved legs, but I think every third day would really keep things spicy. Thanks for the advice.

  2. Love it! And I watched that same Donahue episode. The lady woke up so early and seemed to layer it all on. I guess I value sleep much more than makeup and looking my best everyday.

  3. I'm applying this theory even before marriage. Of course I touch up my makeup when I know I'll see the person of interest, but if a guy happens to drop by a little too early in the morning or after I've just gotten back from the gym, etc., I refuse to be ashamed of how I look. If he can't handle me looking this way, there's no way he could be married to me. Maybe I apply this philosophy a little too often though . . .I am still single.

  4. Wow I totally do this without knowing I do this! We must be related. Hopefully Erik doesn't read this post. Then What will you do!?

  5. I must be doing something like this too because when Vak came home tonight he stared at me for a moment and then said, "wow, your hair looks really good!" little does he know, all I did was instead of it being in some crazy bun on the top of my head, I had it down. and he was really impressed.

  6. amen sista! we look hot in mom jeans, no makeup smelling like baby spit-up!

  7. It's so true! Like right now it's noon and I'm still in my pajamas. I might go put on a clean pair of pajamas while the kids are napping. I'm also really good about cooking dinner once or twice a week. Andrew knows that if he comes home and I've made dinner that it's been a good day. He's gotten used to cereal or scrambled eggs for dinner.

  8. Luckily Nate and I met right after I was swimming laps, so my hair was wet and in a pony tail, I had no makeup on, and had goggle lines around my eyes. I figured if he still fell for me then, I don't have to worry now... But like you, I try to look nice at least a couple of times a week. (ummm... does Sunday count?) :-)

  9. It's amazing how true this is! I think I only have the energy and motivation to try and look good about every third day..sometimes it's longer. You're not the only one putting makeup on at 4:00 p.m.! Motherhood is so demanding...I'm still trying to figure out how some woman look good AND give their kids enough attention (not to mention the house chores too)!



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