I've been talking to mortgage brokers all morning because we are seriously considering buying a house and I realized that I left another really stupid question off that list I made a while back -

"How much would you like your monthly mortgage payment to be?"

Each time I am asked this dumb question it is taking everything in me to not say, "$1 a month."

Once while buying a car, the salesman asked us this dumb question and I said, "I want our payment to be 10 cents a month." He said, "We can't do that." I said, "Then, why did you ask me?" And we walked out.

Stupid questions demand stupid answers. C'mon people!


  1. I hate when car salesmen ask that question. I just say NOTHING.

  2. Then when you give them a practical answer they come back later saying, okay so how much CAN you go? We stuck it to them saying, that was it figuring if they wanted our business enough they could make it work. They did!

  3. So true. Please call me sometime. "Crisitin, I feel like I don't know you. Who are you? Are you my sister? We never talk" Sound familiar? Don't let that happen again!

  4. So true, and whats with asking you what you want anyway. They just show you everything you don't like and try to upsell it. Like, "ohhh! your very own dirt pit in the back yard. You won't find that anywhere else!!" Well, of course not who wants a dirt pit in their BACKYARD!!!



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