This week, my sister-in-law, Else, emailed the following picture to sixty of her closest family and friends:

My first response was, "Ew. Did you really just email a picture of a stick containing your urine to everyone you know? GROSS." My brother-in-law responded, "At least we didn't announce to the whole internet world that we cook bacon topless." Ooooh, touché!

Why do people feel the need to announce their pregnancy in some "cutesy" way? It's like a wedding proposal. A plain "Will you marry me?" just doesn't suffice anymore. Everyone wants a good story.

When Candace was pregnant, she didn't tell people until she was 18 weeks along because she was embarassed for people to find out that she and her husband have sex. So, she wore a shirt that said, "Yes, I'm Pregnant" to a family function. Problem solved. She didn't have to verbally tell anyone because it was written across her chest.

My brother-in-law, Christian, wrote about it on his blog and waited for people to read it. Of course, I was the first one that did. (Thank you, Google Reader.)

Then there are the awkward phone calls...

90% of the time a married friend or family member says, "I have some big news," followed by a long pause, their sentence ends with the words, "I'm pregnant." That long pause is especially awkward because I have to pretend that I don't know they are going to tell me they are pregnant.

For example, my sister-in-law, Trine, called me on Easter and said, "Hi, Cristin. Happy Easter. We believe in new life. (Long awkward pause while I get ready to pretend to act surprised that she's pregnant, because I KNOW that's what she's going to say.) I'm pregnant."

I prefer this approach:

Mom: Hello.
Me: Hi, Mom. I'm pregnant.
Mom: Okay.

Erik should feel especially jipped, because most women do creative things when telling their husbands they are expecting too. They buy balloons, put buns in their ovens, eat with pink and blue napkins, etc. I wish I could be fun like that. I'm just too impatient and practical. Both times I have been pregnant, I tell Erik by saying, "I took two positive tests, but they are probably wrong." This way we can both be skeptical together.

Not to blow any big surprises, but if we have another child, I will announce it with these:
(By the way, I'm not pregnant. This is not a cute way of telling anyone. I promise.)


  1. I already have the "Yes, I'm Pregnant" lingerie line, and the "Yes, I just had a baby" lingerie line as well, if you ever want to borrow them, just let me know..

  2. so will you be wearing the underwear to a family get together and announce it that way? Then you would top the "I know this girl that told everyone she was pregnant by...." stories. I never thought of a cutesy way of telling Jake. I'm just like, "I feel weird. I'm going to the dollar store to get a cheap pregnancy test". Then he knows I either am or not. Then all the cutesy girls make me feel like a bad wife for not putting a beach ball under my shirt and standing there with a grin until he guesses what I'm doing with a beach ball and a big cheesy grin.

  3. Cristin, I love your blog. It always makes me laugh!

  4. I am not that clever. Plus, I am not the most forthcoming about these kinds of things. Heck, no one outside my family knew until it was fairly obvious. I am not cute. I tell Nate I am taking a test and that's that.

  5. We hate having to tell people I'm pregnant. So much so that with our 2nd child, my in-law's actually thought we were really upset about the pregnancy. Really, we were just upset we had to start telling people. It's just awkward and we're sure everyone is thinking "again? They can't handle/afford anymore kids."
    The good thing about having older kids is we made them tell everyone with this third baby.

  6. I just talked to them last night and they told me about your reaction...funny cause I was thinking the same thing! I'm just not into the pomp and circumstance of the "I'm Preggo" either. We just told immediate family and let their mouths do the talking for us. =)

  7. No I am not offended, but will never the less, offer up my explanation. You remember when Haans and I called you and Erik to tell you we were pregnant, I was just staight forward and said, "We're pregnant."
    So reasons why we did it this way: 1) Pregnancy tests are very new to us, and when we finally bought one, it was quite exciting to see the results. Besides I bet most people's reactions for their first child is the same. 2) Shows physcial proof that I am actually pregnant and that the nausea is not just some fluke. 3) We didn't want to send a boring email with the the title "I'm pregnant" to all the out-of-state family/friends. And finally 4) I didn't even think about the fact that I was sending a pee stick. Sure if you look at it "that way" it's gross, but that pee stick has a lot more importance, it means (as Haans' brother and mutliple other men have told Haans) "his stuff works." But really, to me, it was just the excitment that there were two lines and that I am really pregnant. All in all, we've had fun with the different reactions we've recieved in response to our little email.

  8. I thought you were pregnant at first! I keep telling myself next pregnancy I will tell Zach in a funny way. With Jonah it was like you, "I think I'm pregnant." ...," why, you feel sick?".. "No, a test came back positive." "ya right."

  9. yeah, so are you gonna post a picture of you in that thing? Maybe you could forewarn us in some cutesy way... :)
    And I have to say I actually disagree with this post in so many ways, whats so wrong with A)just telling people- I really am not sure why it's wierd. and B)I think pregnancy is hard but SO exciting! Why not do it some way fun to relieve the awkwardness of just blurting it out. I think your way is way more awkward, where is the fun (or excitement or happiness?) in that?

  10. Next time you are pregnant please don't take a picture (or at least post it) of you wearing your announcement thong.

  11. We thought of this cute way of telling my parents we were pregnant after Hayden. He wore this shirt that says "I have some big news...I'm going to be a big brother!" It took them about 5 hours to get it and then that pregnancy ended up in a miscarriage so I avoided anything cute when I got pregnant with Owen. This time I announced my pregnancy to my family with this video montage I made, but I didn't send it out until I was 18 weeks pregnant. Not b/c I was embarrassed to tell my family that Zach and I have sex, but just in case anything went wrong(although I'm always a bit grossed out when people tell me they're trying to get pregnant...thanks for telling me you're having all that sex). The only thing worse than having to call everyone and tell them you're pregnant is to call to say you're no longer pregnant.

    Oh, and Zach just finds out after I pee on about 10 pregnancy tests and the 10th one finally comes out positive (and no I don't pee on them early...It always takes me forever to get a positive pregnancy test).

    One more "pregnancy" comment. I really hate it when you tell people you're pregnant and they ask if you were trying. My sister-in-law has 5 kids and she claims 3 were "accidents" and my father-in-law always replies "I don't get how they're accidents...did someone trip?" and I laugh and laugh.

  12. I can no longer tell Vak I feel sick because he ALWAYS responds with, "your pregnant!" and Cristin, you are soo funny!!! See I try to be funny on my blog and people just don't get the humor.

  13. Oh and one more thing I just remembered. You can't give Else a hard time because I remember when you were pregnant with Luke Erik had pics of Your Peed on test for everyone to see on his web page! So ha!

  14. Congrats to Else. And I think the chonies are hilarious!!

  15. I am guilty of the cutsie methods. I LOVED doing it for this first pregnancy. Maybe for subsequent pregnancies I won't be so hyped up. My personal favorite thing about this now is that I get "yelled" at by people that are just finding out that I am pregnant (5 months) and that I haven't told them.

  16. I think it is awesome either way that a new life has just started, so whatever is best for you and your family is what you should do! But what I really wanted to comment on is the tshirt thing. I think it is funny. Everyone knows there is that funny stage when you look fat not pregnant. Well we were out to get some lunch with Ben's grandparents one day and we saw this lady in line. She had on a green shirt and it said, "Baby bump, not plump." I thought that was hilarious and I totally want to use that in the future when we get pregnant, but I don't think I am brave enough for that! Anyway I totally love the cutesy way of doing stuff just because that is something you can write down and save, but either way you're going to tell people and the out come will be the same!
    *Congratulations Haans and Else!
    Shakirra & Ben Dohm

  17. I want to say congrats to Else also. The first baby is definitely exciting. I didn't do anything cute to announce we were pregnant, with any of my 3 kids. I guess I just didn't think of it. Telling people we were pregnant was exciting enough. I think it definitely takes creativity to come up with some of the ideas some of these pregnant women have thought of.

    Whatever works for you is what's best :)

  18. I hope this doesn't mean WE'RE pregnant! Please don't tell me you're married to one of those pregnant men I've heard about.

  19. Cristin you kill me!!! You've got all the Jenkins' women over here laughing! Congratulations Else!!! Super exciting news!

  20. congrats to else. and i think her way of telling the ga-zillion lassen relatives was perfect. saves calling them all individually, was memorable, and is actually less embarrassing than having to tell everyone in person. i mean, it's just a picture.



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