I just returned home from Albertstons where they are giving away tickets to Batman: The Dark Knight with certain purchases. I keep looking at my receipt trying to figure out how this happened because it seems too good to be true.

I purchased:

5 boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios - $10.00
5 boxes of Fruit Snacks - $10.00

In addition to the groceries, I received:

2 Free Tickets to Batman (A $20.00 value)
A Thank You Coupon from General Mills for $3.50
A Thank You Coupon from General Mills for Free Milk for $4.50

Of course, Albertsons does owe me for all the times they have made me take my screaming toddler out of the car shopping cart at the check-out. I have been told by the store manager that no one is allowed to take the car shopping carts out to their cars because they are expensive and people will steal them. (What a good idea! Watch as I try to cram this shopping cart into the trunk of my Mercedes!)

So, thanks, Albertsons. I'm feeling better about our relationship already.


  1. Now if they just provided the babysitting while you guys go to the movie - that would be one heck ofa deal!!

  2. Free movie tickets...sweet! How did you manage to get 5 boxes of cereal for only 10 bucks? That in of itself is a good deal.

  3. They don't let you take your cart outside? How in the world do you carry all your groceries and kids out to your car?!



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