Luke bit his tongue pretty badly last week when he fell off a chair. We thought nothing of it though because tongues are supposed to heal pretty quickly on their own. Then I noticed that he had a fever a few days ago. Yesterday, I knew something was really strange when he crawled into bed at 11 a.m. voluntarily. In the meantime, I still have my strange infection that won't go away after trying thrush treatments and an antibiotic.

I always second guess myself when it comes to seeing a doctor about a medical problem. I think things like maybe the thermometer didn't work right or perhaps it's not as serious as I think it is. So, I decided to go against character, and make the big trip down to Bakertucky to see Luke's pediatrician and my ObGyn to hopefully resolve these little issues once and for all.

[As a side note, I brought a babysitter along with me to help since I would be alone with two kids for two doctor's visits that were 100 miles round trip away. I've decided that I LOVE doing this. Greatest thing ever. I don't know how I would have done it without her.]

Turns out that Luke's tongue is infected and he is now on penicillin. (Now, if only I can find a way to trick him into taking the penicillin. He hates the taste of it.) I took this picture 5 minutes ago. Not a happy camper.

I, unfortunately, did not have as much success with the doctor. The ObGyn said, "Hmmmm. Maybe try Neosporin and then wash it off with soap and water before you nurse the baby. Then again, I'm not a nipple expert. Go see a dermatologist." So, I'm off for another appointment next week with doctor #3.

This whole problem has made me really miss nursing without problems. I know how great and easy it can be. Despite the problems, I still prefer nursing to the time consuming task of making bottles. I've just started biting my lip and taking a lot of ibruprofen when I nurse. The pain goes in phases, some times are worse than others. Charlie just doesn't seem satisfied when I only give him a bottle of expressed milk. Hopefully this will go away soon and we can go back to normal.

In short, we're a mess.

At least one person in our family is happy. I can't believe how much this baby smiles!


  1. I've never met you or your family in person, but I've stalked your blog enough to form the opinion that Charlie's smile looks just like yours and your sisters'. He's so cute!!

  2. This is Zach's mom. I LOVE reading your blog. It never fails to make me smile and more often than not, really laugh. You really should be getting paid to write!
    Hang in there with the boys. I remember well how tough those days can be. I remember when Zach was about Charlie's age and I was nursing him and things were suddenly very quiet. I went to check on the other two boys and they were happily playing in a five gallon bucket of flour. I just walked back to my chair and continued nursing. Keep up the humor. It is our only sanity!
    Oh, and I too think Charlie is adorable.

  3. Bakertucky?! I can't stop laughing!!!! I hope you guys all get better soon. =)

  4. Hope you guys all get better soon! It took me almost a month to get over thrush (so I hope you have something else)....we just kept re-infecting each other and it was miserable....Sarah was 6 months and would not take a bottle at that time so I was forced to nurse thru it....almost made me stop breastfeeding though.

  5. Well...I'm a blog stalker and a HUGE breastfeeding advocate myself. I know you're not even close to UT but there is a Doctor there that works at Primary Children's hospital and is a breast feeding specialist. I don't know what she can do for you over the phone, but it might be worth a phone call. Her name is Jennifer A. Cox, MD, FAAP and the phone number is 801-595-8899. I FINALLY went to her for an issue I had nursing with my last baby after exhausting all other resources. She was very helpful. I can honestly say I KNOW from personal experiance what you're dealing with. You're welcome to email me if you have any questions. I'm not an expert, but I learned a lot from personal experience. Good Luck!! mooseslady@msn.com

  6. That Charlie is so happy. Cristin, I'm sorry you're having so many problems. I hope you get better soon.

  7. That is such a great idea to take a babysitter with you to the doctors. I also love that picture of Charlie. He is such a cute baby.

  8. oh so sad! I can't believe you still have that stinkin infection- you are a TROOPER! Good luck and let us know what you find out!
    Also, I love that Luke's pj's are SO erik, and that charlie is adorable, even though he looks like he's in a straight jacket with his arms swaddled in but his legs kicking free like that :) I'm so so glad he's a good baby for you

  9. Cristin,
    Thrush sucks. It sucks, sucks, sucks. Hayden & I had it for 4 months. I wanted to quit nursing so many times during those 4 mo. but it finally went away. Lame that your ob said he's not a "nipple expert" whatever. We finally got a prescription drug and treated the whole family as if they had a yeast infection, boiled everything (again) etc. and it went away but I do not envy you.

    Oh and I hope this baby is as happy as Charlie or I might go insane :)

  10. I can;t imagine when the time comes that I have to hire a babysitter! Charlie is adorable thank you for finally posting a pic up! he looks alot like Erik! Poor Luke, and poor you! I can;t believe you have to go to a dermatologist now? Maybe your breasts just need a facial! Bon Losse used to give breast treatments! NO JOKE!

  11. I agree with your sister. Charlie looks a lot like Erik! But he looks like you, too. He is SOOOO cute!!! I am so sorry that you have to go through that horrible infection. I've suffered from thrush and also getting mastitis four times (the first time I got mastitis, I spent the weekend of Kaitlyn's blessing in the hospital and missed out on my entire family visiting from out of state... it was the most misery I've ever been in). I hope you're able to get rid of the thrush soon! It took me quite a while when I got it with Gavin. I totally sympethize.



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