No one in my immediate family is famous (with the exception of my game show experience), nor have we ever known anyone really famous. What we do specialize in, however, are brushes with D-List celebrities. Especially those celebrities that are so low on the D-List, we can't even remember their names.

Take for example, my sister, Kelley. She is a magnet for D-List celebrities. In high school she spent the night at the girl from Jurassic Park's house, except that she didn't realize it was the girl from Jurassic Park until she kept seeing all these pictures of her with famous people (like David Copperfield!) and of course the real clincher was the Jurassic Park towels in their closet.

High school was a good time for Kelley to hang out with D-List celebrities. She even kissed one of the 3 Ninjas (the first one from the left with the mushroom haircut). Fortunately for my brother-in-law, Kelley and "Tum Tum" didn't work out.

Unlike Kelley, I haven't been much of a D-List celebrity magnet, or an A-List celebrity magnet for that matter. I once gave Marie Osmond some Tylenol and water. (That was exciting.) So, imagine my surprise when I find out today that one of my ex-boyfriends is a D-List celebrity!

The semester before I moved away to college, my high school drama teacher mentioned that he knew three guys that needed a roommate. Although I had never met these guys, it sounded great to me since I needed a place to live. However, when my mom found out that I, her 17 year old daughter, was intending to live in a house with three guys, she freaked out and made me move into an apartment with some "good Mormon girls."

When I arrived at school, I met these guys that had almost became my roommates because they were theater majors, just like me. They were very nice to me, considering I had left them without a roommate at the last minute. One of these "almost" roommates was named Seamus Dever. He starred in most of the theater department's productions at the time.

That semester I took Basic Stage Lighting, which meant I had to spend a lot of time in the control room above the theater playing with the lights, while Seamus was rehearsing. I quickly developed a huge crush on him, and by the end of the semester we started dating.

Although, I don't know if you would even call it dating. I don't even know if I would call him an ex-boyfriend. I didn't like him when I found out he liked me. It was the kind of relationship that I regretted starting five minutes after it began. My roommate thought it was hilarious. She would sing, "Cause, I'm Seamus..." to the tune of Garth Brooks' song, Shameless, every time his name was mentioned. I remember one night in particular when he came over to watch a movie and I turned my head really fast so that he couldn't kiss me goodbye. I ended it by moving away for the summer. Except that I didn't really leave for the summer, and when he found out that I was still in town, well, that was a very awkward ending to a very awkward relationship.

There are no pictures of Seamus and I together because it was so short-lived and hardly worth mentioning if he wasn't a D-LIST CELEBRITY!!

Here is Seamus as Dr. Ian Devlin on General Hospital. According to Wikipedia, he was killed off on May 6, 2008. So sad. That clip reminds me of when Joey from Friends was on Days of our Lives.

It appears that he specializes in CBS crime dramas now. He's done CSI, CSI: New York, CSI: Miami - pretty much anything with CSI in the title. This summer he'll be in the season premiere of Mad Men, and has a recurring role on Army Wives. Both shows I don't watch, but hey, good for him.

The one thing I couldn't get over while watching these clips of him today was first, how much better looking he is now (he had really bad skin), and second, how old he looks. Then I remembered that if he looks old, that means I am old too.

So, in honor of Seamus making it to the D-List, here's a little Garth -

Everyone sing along, "Cause I'm Seamus..."


  1. And you still picked me? Man what a catch you walked away from! You should ask Brandon about stealing Indiana Jones's girlfreind some time. it's a good one, worth a blog posting for sure.

  2. You forgot to mention that I attended high school with the little brother from the tv disney movie "motorcrossed" that was exciting! He is E list celebrity! Was Seamus the guy who looked like Brian from the backstreet boys??

  3. that's funny. i used to know a kid names seamus too and i used to sing him the same song. i thought everybody must do that to him, but he said i was the first. i THOUGHT i was original then. ah well.

  4. Wow Cristin, you just got way cooler! J/K, you're cool without dating Seamus. Just be grateful you aren't married to a Seamus, that is an unfortunate name!

  5. This is an embarrassing post for me. And you got the story with the girl from Jurassic park a little mixed up, the FIRST time I went over to her house I didn't make the connection, but I figured it out long before I ever saw her in her JP pj's.

  6. Cristin, did you know you have a Kevin Bacon number of 3? I had to include TV shows, though; you're infinity without them. So does this make you a D-list celebrity of sorts?

    Cristin Goodrich was in "Big Date, The" (1996) {(#1.43)} with Michelle Matthews (I)
    Michelle Matthews (I) was in Georgia Rule (2007) with Garrett Hedlund
    Garrett Hedlund was in Death Sentence (2007) with Kevin Bacon

  7. This was so funny! I played the song and cracked up! I totally remember when those things happened to Kelley! Haha, I love Kelley! And you really should get paid to write!

  8. Can I please request a clip be put up from your TV stardom days?? I had no idea you did that, and you even have your own IMDB page!?! I have to admit I'm totally jealous :)

  9. that is really really really funny...I'm so glad that you have a memory since I can only vaguely recall bits and pieces of this story...HOWEVER I do recall Seamus and that picture is TOTALLY airbrushed!! he had really bad skin and curly hair????
    I SO thought this was going to be about Joe (a.k.a. gorilla) Borunda!!
    Oh just thinking about that makes me laugh--except he was your rebound from Seamus.

  10. Did you set up your own IMDB page?? Tell the truth..

  11. you went out with the joe borunda??????????????????????????

  12. um...will you please write a book?

  13. I am a Mad Men fan, so I saw him and think I know which character he was, but am going to have to watch it again to see.



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