Erik and I decided that we really like 4th of July in Tehachapi. We walked in the Children's Parade (I can't believe that the dollar store flag decorations we taped to our strollers didn't win a prize!), went to the Hot Dog Festival at Central Park and barbecued tri-tip as we watched fireworks with the rest of our ward on the church lawn that evening.

Luke, on the other hand, had a really HARD day.

While we were at the park that morning, Luke really wanted to go into this little inflatable area to have a water gun fight. Since we are very nice parents, we bought him a ticket, handed him a water gun and pushed him in there to fend for himself. I was laughing the whole time thinking, "You're 2 years old! Those big boys are gonna kill you!" They totally did.

Notice how Luke is the youngest kid in there by at least three years. It doesn't even phase him.

This was the first of many times that he would stop, look at us, and scream because someone had shot him. What did we do? Pushed him back in, of course! He still had water in his gun and we didn't want to waste our money.

I couldn't believe how long he stayed in there getting pummeled.

I don't know why I thought this would end well. About 10 minutes into it, he came out with a bloody mouth because he bit his tongue.

Later that day, we went to the church to sit on the lawn and watch fireworks. Since Luke is obsessed with lights, I thought he would love them. Instead he screamed, "Turn off the fireworks! Turn off the fireworks!" and ran to hide in the car. Since, we couldn't "turn off the fireworks," we had to listen to him scream.

Hopefully better luck next year.


  1. He actually yelled turn off the fireworks? HAHA poor luke.

  2. Poor bloody mouth Luke. That water gun thing looked like it could have been fun. We are mean parents though, and didn't have any money to let the kids do any of the park activities. Oh well. Maybe we will be rich and famous next year,... or maybe just rich!

  3. Peter hated the fireworks this year too. We sat a few blocks away from Stadium of Fire and Peter covered his ears and screamed that he wanted to go home. Cooper, on the other hand, was fascinated.

    How did Charlie handle the festivities?

  4. Charlie slept through the whole thing!

  5. is he related to Hans or something?
    Hope you still had a nice 4th. Missing you!

  6. Luke got a taste of his own medicine!

  7. oh, poor luke, that is a bummer day, he's so cute though, what a boy! His angry faces remind me of erik :) not in a mean way, i just think his expressions look so much like him!

  8. Wyatt didn't like the fireworks either. Let's face it, who wants to hear something exploding right in front of them! Our neighborhood was full of people setting off fireworks. It was loads of fun! He hid his face in my chest for the first few minutes.

  9. omg luke is such a big boy! He looks so much older to me in those pix for some reason! So cute! How tall is he now?



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