I pity the fool that does not have a Portable Playard Tent. Really, I do.

We're hanging out in Redondo Beach this week while Erik is down here for work. Last night was the first night trying out the playard tent in our hotel room and I must say that it was pretty humorous watching him try to escape. Even better, he slept in until 9 a.m. Yipee.

This hotel has a pretty extensive complimentary breakfast. I wondered if the hotel staff would stop me as I made a couple trips to stock our mini-fridge with the free bagels and apples, not to mention the several sippy cups of milk I filled up. They just kept saying "Good Morning" as I passed by. I'm sure they've seen worse freeloaders.

Now if I can only keep Luke from jumping out our second story window... just kidding, kind of.


  1. Hi Cristin. I love reading your blog. This is only the 2nd time I have commented (mainly because you always have tons of comments), but this post didn't have any so that is why I am leaving one. Your blog always entertains me and I often see things that remind me of something you write about. Maybe I should comment every time I think of one instead of just reading and leaving because I am a "faithful" reader of this blog. Anyway, I am also away from home (in a hotal for the past 10 days)and using a portable crib, but have no need for a tent. My son is 21 months and has never climbed out of a single the crib. He has not even ever tried. So, maybe your Charlie won't be the same as Luke with the climbing. Good thing they make those though, because if they didn't I am sure it wouldn't be fun for you. That is great that he slept until 9am. My son gets up between 6:30am-7am no matter what time he goes to bed at night. Here is my current freeloader situation: my husband has the meal ticket (work paid for his trip) and I don't have one b/c it is like $11 breakfast, $18 lunch, $25 dinner. So, he goes in, gets SEVERAL take out plates and brings it up here for us all to dine on. Pretty cheap! I hope Luke dosn't jump out the window!

  2. Love modern inventions....seriously what did pioneer woman do?!!!

  3. I love it!! It makes your trip so much better I am sure!

  4. I've GOTTA get me one of those! :-)

  5. Glad it's working for you! Next try...Carpenteria!
    Thanks for coming up the other night for my dinner; it was so wonderful to have you here.
    Have fun shopping with your double stroller!
    Love mom lassen



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