Britney Spears
September 2007

Do you remember where you were when you heard the news that Britney Spears lost custody of her two children? (It was last September and I was probably sitting on the computer.) Some of the reasons stated were drug use, her irresponsible lifestyle, and claims by her former bodyguard that she walked around naked in front of her children. *Gasp!*

In Britney's defense, how do we know she didn't have a breast infection? Or perhaps it was hard to find a moment to take a shower while caring for two children under the age of 2? (I know it is for me!)

The point is, I do not think this was strange. (I'm referring to that part about being naked in front of your kids, not the part about being naked in front of your bodyguard.) At least not to me. I realize that I am in the minority when it comes to a lot of things (hello, I had a homebirth), but is it really that odd (and wrong) for a 1 year old to see his mother naked from time to time? Not in the exhibitionist sense, but just while getting dressed and bathing?

I try to take a shower before Luke wakes up, but it doesn't always happen. For that reason, he has been showering with me for a very long time now. Especially now with Charlie in the picture, it's one of the few ways that I am able to shower in peace knowing that Luke isn't playing with knives or matches.

Since this little ritual began, I knew it would have to stop. I just didn't know when. Erik pointed out to me a few months ago that Luke pretends to shave his legs when he is showering with him. I just laughed that one off. However, last week I decided that we had our last shower together when Luke started asking me questions that I didn't really want to answer.

Luke: Luke's penis!
Me: Yeah.
Luke: Where Mommy's penis go?
Me: Okay. Get in the shower.
Luke: (pointing at me) Mommy's penis! Mommy's penis! Where Mommy's penis go?
Me: Okay... what do you want to do today?

Sometimes I think Luke is really smart and then he makes comments like that. Then again, you can't blame him. There are some words we haven't taught him yet, so why wouldn't everyone's "private parts" have the same name?


  1. I know that times like that really throw Mom's off. I know it has me. But I still think it shows how smart he is because he's noticing differences. Don't be afraid to tell him that Mommy is different because she's a girl.

  2. I believe, from experience, it's better NOT to tell them the "real words" because they will go around saying it forever and it will drive you crazy (just like Luke was doing already)

  3. OH yeah, did I also tell you that you could always call it a "front butt" and he might understand it better.

  4. Thats the worst advice ever, I think using the right names from the start, is the only way to teach kids properly. If you use "other names" for the boy/girl pieces, then it seems like the kids grow up with a stigma against using the proper names and then think the names are awkward or uncomfortable to use. I'm guessing Kaci grew up not using the proper names and is now annoyed by the correct ones? You tell me?

  5. Correct names are the only way to go. But Wyatt asked me the same thing the other day and I told him Mommy didn't have one, but Daddy did!Kids are great. And don't worry about being naked in front of him until he's about 3, then it might not be so appropriate because that's supposedly when they start remembering those things.



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