I was in the DMV recently and there was this woman speaking very loudly on her cell phone. She was answering a series of very personal questions in order to qualify to host an exchange student in her home. It was really fascinating to me - especially since she was sharing such personal stuff in an open setting. The best part of the conversation was when she asked for a female exchange student because she was afraid a male student would develop a crush on her because she was "very beautiful." I was thinking, "Oh my goodness. Did she just say that out loud in a big room where 20 people are listening to her conversation!" Then I realized that I share very personal things on my blog. How's that any different than screaming out your husband's income in the DMV? It's probably way worse.

Last week's Newsweek had a short article about psychiatrists who are prescribing blogging to their patients because it can be "therapeutic." Well, I blog a lot, so something is obviously wrong with me. My mother says it is because I am egotistical. Probably.

The strange thing is that a lot of the stuff I share on here, I would not scream through a megaphone in a public place. You know how it is - you get a thought, you want to write a down, suddenly you have 500 blog posts under your belt and can't stop. I used to sometimes write for a living, albeit legal documents, demand letters, etc. I miss writing and this has been a good way for me to keep up "my skills." I never write in my journal, but something about knowing that someone might look at this forces me to keep a record of my life. It is weird that I feel the need to share such mundane information with total strangers. It is equally strange that I enjoy reading blogs about children I will never meet.

Blogging is definitely cheaper than therapy.


  1. I was seriously about to close down nalder blog. But you make a good point. I don't keep a journal. So who cares if I'm talking to myself on my blog. it's for my records I guess.

  2. I've felt a lot of similar sentiments about blogging. But you're right, writing is a great way to express yourself, to work out problems, and vent frustrations, to share accomplishments. Knowing that there is an audience, while maybe a little narcissistic on my part, encourages me to write with much more frequency than I do in my journal.

    The difference between sharing personal information on a blog and shouting it into a cell phone in a public place, is that people who visit and read your blog are looking for that information. While some readers will just visit once or browse through, for the most part, we develop relationships with the readers and writers of blogs (even those we've never met). We're not imposing information on a roomful of people at the DMV, but rather putting part of ourselves out there, looking to make a connection with others.

  3. please don't stop...the visualizations of struggling with a breast infection while cooking bacon topless are too good to pass up!!! did I just publicly say that?!@#$

  4. Was she even that pretty? It is amazing what people will say in public on their phone.

    You've seen my blog - it is more of a family journal with my gripes in between. It works for me and it is way cheaper than therapy.

  5. My mom's bishop had a lesson on blogging. He was warning them about spending too much time on blogs, and putting too much personal information on blogs, and to not use blogging as your official journal. I think it was meant as a way to protect people from becoming too attached, well in my case I think that it might be too late for that!

    I wonder how big blogging is in Lehi, UT that the bishop felt it was necessary to talk about it in church. Interesting.

  6. From one stranger to another...please don't stop. I love your laugh out loud insights on how to stay sane with little ones. I would have loved to hear that conversation at the DMV. I was just there myself this morning and despite eavesdropping on various conversations, I didn't hear anything quite so interesting.

  7. I love your blog Cristin, don't stop!



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