Is it wrong for me to enjoy this show so much? The premise is actually really awful to think about. Innocent children and babies are taken away from their parents to be cared for by clueless teenagers amidst off camera paramedics, nannies and producers. I'm not sure how they get around child labor laws for the babies. The "serious" teenage couples, some who look like they came from The Hills, are actually young adults ages 18 to 20.

In the first episode, the producers made the girls wear pregnancy suits and attend a class where they watched a baby come out of a plastic pelvis. I was really looking forward to the simulated birthing process. I wondered if they would just make them watch an actual labor, or if perhaps they would swallow balloons (like drug mules) with little babies faces drawn on them and then given pitocin to contract them out. I was totally disappointed when the girls just took off the pregnancy suits and a baby showed up on their door step. BORING.

NBC advertises the show as "birth control" for teens, but there are actually at least two of the girls who look like this might make them want to have babies sooner, which is kind of scary. We (the viewers) all know that their make-believe world is more Truman Show than reality, but I wonder if the teenagers do. There is no unemployment, endless period or cramping from afterbirth pains, crummy hand me down baby gear, or a dumpy place to live. This generation (the 18 to 20 year olds) already has a sense of entitlement, so they look even more pathetic when they are unable to cope with the rigors of childcare while living in a 3000 sq foot furnished new home with a stocked refrigerator.

I watch this show because I am waiting for the off camera "professional" nanny to intervene and for the parents to say, "Hmmm, maybe this wasn't such a good idea" as they escort their toddler to the emergency room to sew up their cracked skull or reattach a limb.

If there is a second season of The Baby Borrowers, I suggest the producers head over to Provo, Utah. I have never seen as many teenage moms as when I lived there. Granted, most of these young women are married, but that makes it even more real. Then we could see how a 19 year old girl copes with a new marriage, newborn, and little money. That would be great television.


  1. When is this on? I saw commercials a long time ago, but haven't seen one in a while. I am sure it is yet another show for me to get addicted to!

  2. So many possible comments...

    I am going to keep my mouth shut on this one.

  3. You just had to throw that last part in there huh. I'm offended.

  4. This was on BBC before coming here, and I don't think they had any child injuries. But this is America, so who knows!

  5. I'm not sure if I should be sad that I don't watch tv or if I'm really lucky to be missing the tv that is out there.

  6. I had the same feelings Cristin. Of course I watched the 1st Episode. After 12 hours 2 of the girls pretty much cracked. It is not the true baby experience, each one is 6 months or older, but I hope some of them learn babies aren't all fun. I will probably watche again I am curious to see if this is helpful or harmful.

  7. I just love this show. I think all newlyweds who think kids would be just such fun should watch this show. I love the girl who was pregnant for one day got mad at her boyfriend for treating her different. Or the one girls that thought feeding babies were easy? A lot to learn Honey!!! Is it wrong that I can't wait for them to have toddlers?



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