Wow check out those muscles!

Erik turned 30 on Sunday. This means that since I am four months older than him, we are both officially really old. When I was a teenager, I figured that if I was ever lucky enough to live to the old age of 30, I would be the next Jane Pauley. Erik has never said this, but I'm guessing that the 13 year old E.J. Lassen expected to be a fighter pilot or rock star. Ah, but here we are... unless something drastic changes, it doesn't look like there will be any fighter pilot/rock star/anchorwoman life for us. Who knows if that would even make us happy anyway.

For his birthday weekend we went to Camarillo. While Erik surfed, I sat on the beach and thought about how much my life has changed in the past two years. It is still so weird to me that I have even one child, and now 2!

Our future surfer.

On Saturday night we threw a party for Erik. What's a party without a Costco cake! Check out those disgusting balloons. They were like 2 cups of frosting each.

We roasted him, but since he gave me a list of things not to mention, I remained really quiet. It was a great weekend and I am still recovering. Happy Birthday Baby!


  1. Happy Birthday Erik! Thirty is not old! Charlie is looking big!..and more like you guys. I've never heard you call Erik baby.

  2. Happy b-day Erik! It's really weird to here you talk about 30 because you sound like you are going through a midlife crisis! My husband turned 30 almost 7 months ago and you make it seem so old! I guess thats what happens when you have two kids. YOu should have taken the half eaten cake back to costco and demanded a refund.

  3. Welcome to the thirties club - you are sooo buff! You would make the governor proud - let alone Hanz and Franz from SNL!

  4. Hey Erik. Sorry I couldn't be there. Your brother-in-law had me workin' late. Call me and I'll tell you all about it. 30 ain't so bad. Let me know hen you hit 40, then we'll talk! Love you both!!!

  5. Hippo Birdie Two Ewe Erik! Okay, lame, but I saw that on a Sandra Boynton card a while back and thought it was funny. Of course I had to read it a million times to get what it said. So I want to know who ate the frosting balloons?

  6. It was fun to have you all here to celebrate the birthdays.
    Erik, you need to send that picture to Steffen, of you lifting your full weight set!
    And, as for getting to 40...wait until you hit 50 and then we'll really talk! 30 is GREAT...enjoy this decade, it will fly by!
    you older and wiser, mom

  7. oops..I typed that last comment from Steffen's account site..I was updating his blog...it's really me, mama lassen

  8. Looks like fun. BTW, I didn't get the evite until that night! I'm lame!



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