Moi. Me. Yours truly.

Today, while at the park, Luke escaped past me and ended up in the middle of the street. Where was I? Oh, just obliviously sitting under a tree, holding Charlie and jabbering away with same ladies from church. (Thank goodness for an observant friend who chased after him.)

There is nothing worse than the feeling that I inadvertently let Luke slip out of the park, into the middle of a street, unattended. People keep telling me that two children will become easier. But how so? Once Charlie becomes mobile, then I will have TWO children to make sure don't run into the street. How will it be any easier than it is right now?

One thing I do know for sure, the next time we go to the park I am dressing Luke in something bright, more specifically, a fluorescent orange hunting vest.


  1. Sorry, Cristin. I took that award 14 months ago....

  2. I'm sorry Cristin. It happens to ALL mothers. I invested in a good harness...not for times like the park but for other times and it made life easier. Also, by the time Charlie is walking Luke will become more aware and better about staying by you or at least not running into traffic.

  3. Um, yeah... it doesn't get much easier until Luke is, like, four (or at least three and a half when he finally understands why you don't run out into the middle of the street). My favorite park around here is one that has a fence around the whole thing. Honestly, I don't know why they don't put a fence around every playground!

  4. Isn't it funny that when we do things like this we feel the need to admit it to someone because we feel soo guilty! .. Do you remember when you came to visit and kelley and I came to pick you up and in the car I forgot Jonah was behind me and reclined my seat back... not realizing that Jonah was HANGING forward the WHOLE TIME! I felt SO sick to my stomach about the whole thing! Now that deserves the worst mother award!

  5. It happens to the best of us...I locked myself out of the house with Zachary inside...and the basement door WIDE open. Good thing he didn't notice.

  6. It wasn't THAT bad. I was there. He didn't technically run into the street as far as I could tell. Thankfully, Tiffany is faster than my fat butt carrying the baby.

    I can say it gets a little easier. Not much, but easier. It also didn't help that the park was full of kids running this way and that. I don't blame you. I almost lost Cecily at Kmart. Thankfully, it was Nate's last day there and she found him. It makes you feel like a horrible person and a bad mom, but it's normal. Now that Cordelia is mobile, I think it may get worse again...

  7. That's a bummer that happened. 2 children will get easier, it's the adjusting period that's frustrating. A bright orange vest though - you need to take a picture of that one.

    Oh and I know of mothers who earned that award before their babies were even born. You are a great mother and don't get too frustrated with yourself. :)

  8. It only get easier when they can understand threats/rewards for not running off on you. Kylee didn't understand this until about 3 1/2 after I lost her in Target because she was hiding from me in a clothes rack. Luckily it does eventually happen otherwise I don't think any of us would have more than 2 kids.



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