We blessed Charlie at church yesterday. I was really happy that so many family members were able to attend. I know I've mentioned this numerous times on my blog, but I LOVE when people come visit us.

I don't think it's required that you dress your baby in white for a blessing, but we did it anyway. Since I am super cheap, I just put Charlie in white pants and a collared shirt. My mother said he looked like a Mexican folklorico dancer. That made me laugh really hard. Here is a picture of a folklorico dancer -

All we need to do is to add a red belt and hat to his blessing outfit and Charlie will have the perfect Halloween costume this fall.

Surprisingly, we were able to fit everyone in our house for dinner. Thanks to the church for letting us borrow the chairs...

It was really nice having a lot of people around to hold Charlie.

Tyler and Candace brought this huge wreath that Tyler made from all the sticks hanging around their house. The plan is to eventually take it out to the desert, burn it, and ride a bicycle through it while it is ON FIRE. We wanted to do it yesterday, but ran out of time.

Here is the family picture we took after church yesterday. This has got to be one of the worst family pictures ever! It was super windy so everyone looks goofy. Click on the photo below for further explanation -


  1. Charlie's actually starting to look more like Luke I think! He's so cute! I wish we could have been there! I laughed really hard at the comment mom made! I love what you did with the family picture but you forgot to make a few more marks, like on dad for example.

  2. Charlie is a cute kid!!! I can't believe how much he's already changed, and I think he's looking like Luke, too.

  3. I love the comments on the fam damily. I'm glad I was only "hidden". Audrey cracks me up. Mom's crazy hair is pretty crazy (no offense, mom, mine was just hidden). Erik looks like he is about to yawn. What a crack up. Did all the babies end up being sick? It was a day for crying babies, except sweet charlie. He was a gem. Thank you for a wonderful dinner and being happy we came! We love you guys!

  4. That is one adorable folklorico dancer!

  5. LOL - You are too cute Cristin! I love the blog! Congrats on Charlie's blessing! I wish you guys could make it out for Sam's blessing - I think we might do it in July or September when George's parents come out?

  6. Cristin and Erik,

    wow! so cute! We blessed our baby girl a couple weeks ago, so I know how special that can be now. Anyways, congratulations both of you on the babeeeees. Also, my wife keeps a pretty up to date blog as well, so you can link it if you'd like, and check up on us from time to time.


    Hope to be able to meet up with you guys soon sometime :)

    Lane & Rachel Maygren

  7. Wow, Charlie is really starting to look more like Luke! Crazy how they change so quickly. And that group picture was so funny!!! I'm still cracking up over it!

  8. Love blessing days....its so fun to celebrate with family and also get more hands to hold onto the little ones.

  9. Charlie is sooo CUTE!!! That pic with the writing on it is pretty dang funny too.

  10. That's pretty funny with the up cloe of the bloopers. And just for the record, you don't have fat face! We had a great time up there!

  11. Cristin you crack me up! Love the extra photo of the dancers, that made me laugh out loud (hey, at least you have a cheap Halloween costume ready!). That first picture of Charlie is super cute! What a cutie!



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