Wasn't it fun to be around children, before you had children of your own? I loved toddlers before I had them. They were so cute. I remember a time in particular when I insisted that my sister-in-law, Kirsten, let me take her daughter, Audrey, to the grocery store with me when she was around 2 years old. Kirsten looked at me like I was a complete masochist. She was puzzled as to why anyone would voluntarily take a toddler shopping. (I was obviously completely ignorant to the challenges of going anywhere with a two year old.) When we arrived at the store, I put Audrey in one of those car shopping carts. As we shopped, Audrey pulled everything she could off the bottom shelves and crammed it into her car. I just laughed, "Oh, isn't it cute?" When we got up to the checkout she screamed for candy. I bought her some because her little fit was so cute.

Oh how times have changed! When we were in Arizona, I begged my dad to take Luke shopping with him so that I could get a break. What a sucker! He totally fell for it! The best part was that my Dad kept sending me these pictures from his cell phone of Luke doing "cute" things in the store.

Here's Luke playing in a car with a sign on it saying to not play in it. My dad thinks it is just adorable.

Here he is jumping on all the bikes. Wow, Luke sure is safety conscious with that helmet on! I'm sure he destroyed the entire helmet aisle trying to find one that would fit his head. My Dad is loving this.

Finally, Luke drives the car into a corner and then starts walking around Wal-mart carrying a garbage can. Wow, that sure is "cute." DO YOU SEE WHY I DON'T WANT TO TAKE HIM SHOPPING?


  1. LOL - that is hilarious! And it's the truth also :(

    Shopping with 3 kids is even more fun - not! I decided we were going to have our milk delivered - and diapers delivered - because there is no way I am taking 3 kids under the age of 5 into a grocery store for 2 lousy gallons of milk.

    I love the bottom pic with the car all crooked and him walking off with a garbage can! That's awesome - lol :)

  2. That is very funny, because Phil, my father in law loves to take Wyatt anywhere! I think since it's rare for them, they enjoy it. And they probably don't have endless lists of things to get, so he can afford to follow them around the store.

  3. Dad loves Luke! He can do no wrong! Those pictures look set up. That is soo funny! Jonah has just recently started to attempt climbing out of the shopping cart and he grabs EVERYTHING he can reach! It's really funny trying to shop while keeping the cart away from the isle and keeping Jonah inside! those shopping cart straps are such a joke!

  4. I have a confession... I'm not Luke's parent and I think most of the things he does are weird, not cute. sorry. Kicking and screaming in public areas, and then throwing your shoes off and running as fast as you can out of a room

  5. Hey, I like the "ordinary housewife" header....fun!

    Oh, how I love that little Luke and I enjoyed holding Charlie over this weekend! I'm missing them right now.

    Love you,
    mom lassen

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  7. Ah yes, the salad days of when my kids were toddlers. You can't wait until they walk, and then when they do, you wish they never had. All that grabbing and sticking things in their mouths. Then they become teenagers and you wish they were toddlers again. The "circle" of life.

  8. Yes, I remember going shopping at the mall with my sister and watching her toddler and thinking I was lucky to watch him. Ha! My sister was probably laughing and enjoying her opportunity to shop in relative peace.

  9. It's totally so cute before you have your own! Now I think I'll be a grandparent before I think my own or anyone else's crazy kids are so cute when they are up to no good.



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