Luke left with my parents this morning to spend 5 days with them in Arizona. It's very bittersweet. Part of me feels sad that he's gone, but an even bigger part of me feels like I am on vacation! WOO HOO!

Oh, how my perspective has changed with Baby #2! It's funny how life seemed so hard when Luke was a newborn. Now that I've experienced an active toddler, I think, "Wow, you mean all I have to do this week is wake up every so often to nurse a baby and change diapers?! This is great!" I have a whole list of things I hope to accomplish while Luke is gone -

Go to a movie
Go out to eat
Sew something
Clean the house
Go shopping
Go to the DMV to register the monster truck

Notice that these are very basic things that most people take for granted, but with Luke have been difficult to accomplish without a babysitter or help. Another irony is that I am really looking forward to playgroup this week because I will actually be able to bring a lunch and actually sit at the park without running after Luke the entire time. There is also a monthly La Leche League gathering that I am unable to take Luke to because he terrorizes the place. How funny that these things are supposed to be kid friendly... all except for my kid.

Things I will not be doing while Luke is gone:

Watching Super Why, Caillou or Finding Nemo
Eating peanut butter jelly sandwiches
Listening to Raffi all day long

I love Luke dearly, however, I am really looking forward to this little vacation. Does that make me a bad person?

See you Saturday, Luke! Thanks Mom and Dad, you're the best!


  1. Your parents are the best Cristin. I hope you get everything accomplished on your list, Especially the first three.

  2. I totally hear you!! Why is it that some people have the best two year olds and some of us get the wild, crazy uncontrolable ones? Congrats, on a little va-ca. You deserve it. I one have one and can't imagine 2. It doesn't make you a bad person, sometimes we just need a break. Thank goodness for your parents!!

  3. When Kathy came to visit she said she would take Jonah home with her if I wasn't still nursing. DARN! I thought! Oh you are going to have the best vacation. I know what you mean about having a newborn. I cant believe how easy that used to be! I'm sure Luke will have a blast with Stewart! I wish I could go to a movie! kelley found a theater here with new releases on $3 matinée!

  4. Have a nice break, Cristin. Your parents will totally enjoy Luke and I'm sure he will have such a good time with them! We loved it when he came to visit us.

    Enjoy little Charlie....hope you get your "to do list" accomplished and if you don't...just enjoy some quiet, still time.

    Love, mom lassen

  5. I too would be celebrating! I'm scared of having 2 kids.

  6. Lucky you! Two is so much harder than one. But what fun to have a little break!

  7. You are a very normal mom. I haven't had a night away from my kid (meaning sleeping under a different roof) since he was born. I think we're getting one this summer, though. Lucky, you, and ENJOY.

  8. Caitlin told me about how Luke only willingly went because you guys told him he was going to see the cat, and then dad said- "Gee, I hope he is still alive when we get home or else we are going to have to buy a new one!" lol.

  9. Okay... you don't know me. I found you through blog stalking. Ha ha... Tiffany's. Your blog has totally cracked me up because you say everything I feel!! I too have a crazy, wild, monster two year old and a brand new baby. The picture of your toddler in the car leaving made me laugh so hard. I totally understand EVERYTHING that you're going through.



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