A huge pet peeve of mine is when people tell exaggerated stories. For example, I hate when Erik begins something by saying, "Just the other day..." when it really happened two years ago. I'm not asking that he recite the exact date, but COME ON!* I'm sure I'm guilty of doing it a little on my blog, but I try not to since it bothers me so much.

So, lately I have been inundated with a plethora of unbelievable stories. I have been so bothered by all this nonsense that I've been trying to do some fact checking, with no success... probably because these stories or claims are untrue.

Here are some that I've heard recently:

Unbelievable Story #1 - A friend of mine told me that her friend's friend was sleeping with her baby in bed, when she accidentally rolled onto him/her and killed the baby. I did an internet search for this story and only came up with a grandma on drugs accidentally smothering her grandchild in bed. According to my friend, her friend's friend was really obese and didn't see the baby.

Unbelievable Story #2 - An acquaintance told me that her friend got her baby taken away from her because she failed to give the child immunizations. When I pressed her for further information (like how did the authorities know the baby was not immunized), she said that child protective services asked to see the 4 month old's yellow immunization record. When they discovered it was blank, they took the baby away from her.

Unbelievable Story #3 - I met someone on Sunday that told me she couldn't believe my ObGyn with Luke or midwife with Charlie would allow me to gain over 30 pounds during each pregnancy. I told her that my midwife said it was fine that I gained 45 pounds with Charlie and she said that no doctor or midwife would ever allow that. Her sister is an ObGyn and she lost all of her pregnancy weight by pumping the same time she was breastfeeding. Every time she nursed from one breast she had the pump going on the other side. By the end of the month they had to buy a bigger freezer to store all the breast milk.

If anyone knows the people mentioned in these stories, please confirm whether or not they are true, because they're driving me nuts! COME ON!*

*When I say "Come on!" I'm saying it like Gob on Arrested Development. You know, "Come on!"


  1. I was hoping that I hadn't told you any of those unbelievable stories. Nope, I have not. Woot!

    Yes, the only cases of babies being smothered by people are generally not by parents and/or the caregiver is intoxicated.

    Uh oh! The government may take my babies because they aren't up to date on shots! (Heck, a kid can even go to school without being immunized; the state only highly recommends it!)

    I am just wondering how a doc or midwife would not "allow" over 30 pounds of weight gain. I can see it now, pregnant women on treadmills and the doctor behind them yelling insults: "Run, Fatso, Run!"

  2. Some people (me included) don't lose all the baby weight until after I'm finished breastfeeding. Everyone is different. The way I see it, every person and situation is different.
    In response about my yard sale we will have furniture. We will have our leather couches, bookcases, that red table in my living room, full size bed, etc. If you want dibs on anything let me know.

  3. Ridiculous, but I love these stories. I want more. Everyone should compile all the ones they have heard or know and we could make a collection.

  4. Have you ever checked out http://www.snopes.com/
    Greg and I always use it for those types of stories. Some of them are crazy!

  5. Um, yeah... Not true. BTW, Nate and I decided to catch up on all the seasons of The Office and Oh my gosh! That show is so funny! Now I understand why EVERYONE is a fan!

  6. I hate made up stories told to make you feel like crap. I HATE when people make up "so and so killed their baby" co-sleeping stories. I don't care if people don't believe the same way I do, but at least know what you're talking about.

    I also love Gob :)

  7. Okay, so I'm not a co-sleeper (but I also haven't had the opportunity to breast feed and probably never will have that chance), but I'm still offended about the whole she-was-too-fat-to-see-her baby. That's just ludicrous.

    Also, if the whole immunizations story is true, then why does my neighbor down the street who has four very little kids and chooses not to immunize her kids still have them all with her? Wouldn't DCFS come pick up her kids too? It would be a shame because not immunizing your child doesn't mean you're a crummy parent.

    Isn't it crazy the things people will believe?!



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