Dear Cozy Crib Tent II,

Life is just not the same without you.

Last night felt like one of the worst nights of my life. Luke would not go to sleep. He would not stay in the pack n' play. When I would try to put him back to bed, he would kick and hit me. To compound the problem, Charlie wouldn't stop screaming unless he was being nursed. It's hard to run after Luke while keeping a baby latched on.

Without you, I felt really alone. My parents were asleep because they were exhausted from going through similar experiences with Luke during the past two weeks. I felt so alone, that if I had a car here I would have driven all night just to get back to you.

I really lost my temper around 11:00 p.m. when I heard Luke run out of the room for the umpteenth time. He escaped out the front door of my parents house and ran into the street. (I know that you would never let this happen.) I grabbed Luke, brought him inside and held him down tightly in the pack n' play. Luke started to laugh at me, so I held him even tighter. I forcefully told him that he must stay in his bed and then he started to cry. I shut the door behind me and listened to him scream for ten minutes until he cried himself to sleep.

I hate the person that I become when I lose my temper with Luke, but last night I didn't know what to do. I really am clueless on how to parent and discipline a toddler. As easy as it would have been to just turn on a movie around 10:00 p.m., I didn't want to reward him for being disobedient. Maybe this problem is my fault because I have become too dependent on you. Since you came into the picture, I have avoided training Luke to sleep in a "big boy" bed. I just assumed you would be around forever.

Last night's experience without you has caused me great concern. You see, we are planning to go camping in August. I don't think I want to go camping anymore since I can't take you along. Do I really want to be up all night while Luke is running circles around us in the tent? Even worse, how I will I keep Luke contained in the tent? You and I both know how much he likes to "go bye-bye." I really need a fun vacation, and sadly, camping without you will definitely not be fun. Don't get jealous, but if I can find something similar to you that works on a pack n' play, I am going to buy it.

I am counting down the days until we will be together again.

I miss you, desperately.

Love, Cristin


  1. My pack n play came with a "bug net tent" that snaps on the top. If you want to drive to Tracy you can borrow it! :)

    Sorry you are having such a hard time. Trust me when I say that I know how you feel.

  2. We just spent four nights away from home, so I TOTALLY sympathize! I'm contemplating getting one of those crib tents that fits on a porta crib (just do a search on google for porta crib tent). The only problem is that they're pretty expensive...

  3. Well, at least you can zip up a tent and maybe put a lock on it too? Oh gosh that sounds miserable. If I were you, I would just put a movie in because it's hard enough being on vacation with two little ones. Train Luke when you're home with Erik and have more energy. I don't know. Maybe that's a mistake.

  4. That thing must work like a charm....I will have to put that on my list if Sarah ever attempt to climb out of her crib. She is so short and non-adventurous that I might just luck out. I do sympathize with the sleeping issues though....Kylee (age 4!) has stopped sleeping thru the night the past few months and its driving me crazy!! Can't use a tent for that one....any suggestions?

  5. one of the wives here has a little girl who is lukes age and she has here sleep in a bathing suit (so she can't get into her diaper) and skinny jeans so she can't kick her leg up to climb out. She's like I feel really bad making her sleep in jeans... but I don't know what else to do! That's really scary Luke ran out in the middle of the street at night!

  6. For camping there are little sleep tents for kids that you can put him in inside your own tent. Lock the little tent and the family tent. Really, I have NO idea. Sorry!

  7. As much as I can say I understand your feelings..I must say this post was way funny and creative! My kids are not good away from home at night either...it's very draining to go places without all the conviences we have at home! He will get it though...I think it comes with age.

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  9. You crack me up!! Good luck camping!

  10. Camping sounds like hell. Don't go.

  11. All you need is a sleeping bag and some rope....that boy ain't going nowhere. Erik knows his knots, right?



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