Day 4 without Luke.

I call my mother about 5 times a day for a "Luke Update." According to her, he hasn't been sleeping well, has a difficult time taking naps, runs out the front door, won't eat, only wants to watch television, is often grouchy, and a real pain to take to the grocery store.

What mother wouldn't be proud?

Just kidding. I hate that he is being so difficult for them. I called my little sister and apologized since I'm sure him being there has ruined the chance for any other future grandchildren to be watched by my parents until they are at least in kindergarten. Then again, why did I expect Luke to act differently for my parents than he does for me? I tried talking to him on the phone, but the conversation went something like this:

Me: Hi Luke.

Luke: Hi Mommy.

Me: You need to be a good boy.

Luke: Good boy!

Me: You need to sleep.

Luke: Sleep!

Me: What are you doing?

Luke: Doing!

Me: (Realizing that he's just repeating the last word of everything I say.) Oh, whatever, bye.

Luke: Bye-bye! (Tries to hang up the phone on me.)

It's hard to rationalize with an almost 2 year old, especially when he looks like he's 4. My dad sent me this picture the other day of Luke contemplating whether or not to get in the pool and he looks like he's aged 3 years since he went to Arizona. My dad titled this picture, "I think I can do it."

I just wish we could pretend that Luke is doing okay, and then I wouldn't feel like such a bad parent. It's difficult. On one hand, I really want a kid that is curious and active like Luke. On the other hand, one that doesn't run away and is obedient would be pretty nice too.


  1. Haha.. That is definitely a picture worth keeping. He looks so deep in thought. hehe.. How fun for him to be on vacation! haha..

  2. Don't feel like a bad parent. Luke is not even 2 yet! What do you expect? Hey! Mom and dad volunteered! I'm sure they are having fun despite the difficulty. Maybe this experience will give them confidence for the next one.

  3. i hate that. after linus was born my kids got so used to their grandparents they were giving them the attitude they usually reserve for me. and i think that's worse than them misbehaving for me.

  4. Cristin, I know exactly how you feel, 'cause I have Hans. I wouldn't trade him for any other child, but it's still a worry that he isn't being his best for other people. I want people to like and accept him and I think it's hard for us to separate ourselves from our children. We feel their bad behavior reflects on our mothering. But, they are who they are!
    They are lucky boys to have mom's like us who love them no matter what they do!

    Your parents can handle this for a few more days. I bet they are enjoying most of his visit.

    Love, mom lassen

  5. Luke will come home and cling to you and appreciate you for maybe 1-2 days. Then he'll go back to pushing your buttons. Enjoy the break while it lasts. And don't worry about him - your parents wouldn't have tended him if they couldn't handle it! :)

  6. Cristin, Okay you have opened the door for me to tell you the truth since you posted this little story so here it goes. First, what have you been doing to this little guy? He is such a fun little guy and happy. Seriously! A matter of fact, you are going to have a hard time getting him back. I feel 20 years younger when I'm with Luke. So relax!

  7. (cristin's mom) Is this a new post or Legends part 2? I was a little concerned when you said, "I just wish we could pretend that Luke is doing okay." I see no problem with your imagination:)

  8. that IS a great picture, boy does he look old. And btw, you seem to keep blaming yourself for a lot of things that are out of your control, i.e. his personality and his age. Plus, your parents know Luke and knew what they were signing up for- it's not like you pulled the wool over their eyes! You should stop worrying so much and just enjoy yourself for the last few "free" days! :)

  9. Luke has aged 3 years, dad is 20 years younger... sounds like a Lost episode.



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