Here's a sad story for a Friday afternoon:

I like to call Tehachapi the "City That Tries." For a place that is located in the middle of nowhere, with not much going for it, they sure are trying to make it nice. Since moving here over a year ago, they have made huge improvements to their historic downtown area by renovating old buildings, creating a cool walking tour, painting new murals, and piping in music. During the summer there is a special event almost every weekend (tomorrow is the Chili Cook-off and Car Show). During the summer, there is a weekly farmer's market, movie in the park, concert in the park... anyway, you get the point. The town is trying hard to be a cool place to live.

The frosting on the cake of the downtown renovation was supposed to be the historic train depot. Local residents have been working for years to get this unique building restored. It was one of 6 specially designed train depots remaining in the United States and was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. For the past few months, I have really enjoyed watching the improvements to the building. They were painting it this happy, bright, yellow color. Everyone was very excited about it. Numerous activities were planned for the re-opening of this historic depot.

So, this morning I'm out for my morning walk. I actually said to my friend, "I wonder what they're going to put inside the train depot when they're done." We turned the corner, and gasped! The building had burned to the ground overnight. Nobody knows yet if it was arson or an accident. It breaks my heart that after all the work people went through to restore that building, that it could be destroyed so quickly. I really felt sick to my stomach about it. There were people standing in front of it crying and cops everywhere.

So... yeah. Sad story. Have a good weekend.


  1. Dang Debbie Downer! That is sad.

  2. I'm going to be honest, I am actually kind of jealous that you get to live in Tehachapi. Even though it is REALLY small, and REALLY doesn't have any good stores to shop at. It's a really cute little town and I love all the neat stuff they have like the farmers market and the bakery and that little boutique where they overprice everything.. And starbucks! Plus you have made friends there and have play groups and have a great midwife to deliver all your babies! etc. So Tehachapi is pretty cool! I bet in 5 years it will be even Cooler! They wont have to try so hard. That is a really sad story. Were people really crying?

  3. Caitlin - Yes, people were really crying.

    Speaking of that boutique. Remember when I called you and Kelley this morning and said this store in town is going out of business and all the designer jeans are $100 a piece? It's that little boutique you're talking about that is closing.

  4. Burn, baby burn. I'm surprised the locals didn't bring weenies and marshmallows. Actually, being the historical kind of guy that I am it is hard to see one of those old Southern Pacific Railroad Stations go, especially since the community worked do hard to restore it. I hope they rebuild. But look on the bright side; you still have the prison!!!

  5. That would make me sick to my stomach, too. It was the main building in that old part of town, wasn't it? I'd probably be one of those people crying. I hope they can rebuild a replica.

  6. I would be one of the people crying.

  7. I drove downtown Friday morning and was shocked when I saw the rubble and all the firefighters. It is sooooo sad. It was really looking good too.



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