I always wanted a little, cute, and trendy car, but it looks like it was never meant to be. *Sigh*

Erik called me a few weeks ago while I was at Young Womens to inform me that he was bidding on a truck on Ebay and that the auction was about to close. 15 minutes later I found out he won the truck. "Yay," I said sarcastically.

[Erik's theory is that since I don't fix the cars, he gets to pick what we (the family) drive. I can't really argue with that since his auto repair skills have undoubtedly saved us thousands of dollars over the course of our marriage.]

Flash forward to today and here I am running errands around town in this big diesel monster truck. (For comparison, this truck is the same length as Erik's parents' 14 passenger van that resembles an airport shuttle.) The whole time Luke is sitting in the back saying, "Noisy truck! Big truck! Vroom vroom VROOM!" Except that I can hardly hear Luke because the truck IS really noisy. Peoples heads turn to look at me as I drive down the street. I'm trying hard not to grind the gears as I shift. I pat myself on the back for not hitting the post office's drive through mailbox.

I keep telling myself that it's okay because I only have to drive the truck during the day every other week when Erik drives the carpool to work. However, I do find myself lusting after small cute cars that I pass on the road. It just doesn't seem fair. (I know, I should be grateful I have a good reliable car to drive.)

The bright side is that I can now buy all those good deals on furniture I see on Craigslist because I'll have a truck to pick them up in. I can also fit the double stroller in the truck bed with no hassle. It also gets better gas mileage than the Explorer. The best part, according to Erik, is that if the world runs out of gasoline and diesel, I can create biodiesel in my kitchen or convert the truck to vegetable oil and drive, while towing the old boat and old car, past all those losers who can't find enough gas to fill their cars (I just know Erik has fantasies about this).

In the meantime, if you hear a really loud truck coming from a mile away, don't be scared. It's probably just me stopping by to say hi.


  1. The best part about running on the bio-diesel is your truck will make you crave Chinese food! At least ours makes me want some!

  2. Don't worry, Cristin, come Septemeber, I will probably be running around in the big van when I need to take all four kids someplace! At least yours is diesel.

  3. It's a beautiful truck, at least, Cristin! You'll get so used to driving big vehicles, as I have, that it's hard to downsize to something small.
    I inherited my mom's Sable Station Wagon in February and I prefer driving it now over our Sebring Convertible. I love having room to pick up the grandkids from school, plus bikes and backpacks and all kinds of "stuff"! I'm glad I don't have to pay for the gas on the van anymore, though....John uses it mostly for business now, or for when we taking more people on long trips like out to Tehachapi this last Sunday :-}, but it costs him about $120 to fill it a couple times a week...yikes! At least no car payments! That helps a lot!
    Love you,
    mom Lassen

  4. Cristin, while the rest of us are franticly trying to sell off our suv's and buy hybrids, you go buy a GIANT DEISEL TRUCK! Tell me again when you will be converting your cars to run on corn oil?!!!

  5. I just want an SUV.. That is my dream. Not a HUGE gas hogger just a bigger car, that I can fit more than 3 people in at a time, a car I can fit my grocerys in at the same time as the stroller! Did you keep that hood on the back? It makes the truck look like a big hunting truck!

  6. We used to have a big, noisy '78 Bronco and I HATED IT!!! But now that it's gone, I wish I had something to haul furniture, or anything big. Now we have to ask friends with a truck to help us.

  7. Way to go E - beauty truck eh.

    Once you get used to driving that freight train up & down the freeway and around town - it's hard to think about driving anything smaller.

    My Cummins has served the family well and we can get more people in it than in the Subaru.

    I switched to 305 70R 16's though - gave up a little on mileage but gained a lot in ride comfort & off road ability.

    Have fun-


  8. Gas must be kicking your butt! It is killing us with our Suburban. But I do love being in a big car and sitting high up. Enjoy it while it lasts!

  9. Troy is also our family mechanic and has saved us thousands. I often find myself longing for a car that is not 13 years old with 150 thousand miles, but if Troy keeps it running and saves us the money, I can't complain.

  10. The part Cristin didn't mention is the 21mpg that the truck gets! That is amazing milage for such a heavy duty vehicle. Our Ford explorer only gets 14.5 mpg, so even with the current price of diesel being higher then gas (it won't always be) it still makes more economical sense, and gives us more capacity!



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