Yesterday was Luke's birthday, except don't tell Luke because he thinks his real birthday was over a week ago when we celebrated it at home before he left for Arizona so that Erik could watch him blow out the candles.

It was a really nice party. We got the same d.j. as we did last year.

The banquet hall was also nice enough to give us half off since we had his first birthday party there too.

So that I didn't feel like a bad mother, we sang "Happy Birthday" and had him blow out some candles on his real birthday also.

So, Luke is now two. This means that I have to start paying for him at places, i.e., on airplanes, at the movies, when we go to the pool down the street from my parents' house. This whole "having kids thing" is getting expensive.

I also thought that since it's his birthday, I will share five semi-interesting facts about Luke:

1. He loves to pretend he's playing golf.
2. He can recognize and say all the letters in the alphabet.
3. He can sing "Happy Birthday."
4. His favorite phrase is, "No Mommy."
5. He hides in the closet or behind something when he's going poop in his diaper. (Just like his Daddy! Just kidding.)

Happy Birthday, Luke!


  1. Nice banquet hall! Where were the invites! :)You know that some people are going to read this and think you are serious!

  2. Wished we could have been at the party! Please give Luke a hug from gramma and gramps! Thanks for the pictures.

    Love, mom lassen

  3. Well I guess its a good thing I forgot to call Luke! ( I know I'm just trying to make myself feel better!) He is so smart! I can't wait to see him again! Jonah, Luke, and Charlie can play together!

  4. I loved your list of facts. So funny. I'm excited to see you guys in August, even though it still seems like forever away! It's been so fun to "watch" Leyna and Luke grow up together, Happy Birthday little Luke miester!

  5. I re-read that twice to make sure there were no "smiley" faces or J/Ks...nice...love the fakeout...Hope Luke knows his mommy well enough not to believe her propaganda when reading this 15 yrs from now.

  6. The best part is how Cristin leaves me not just for Fathers day, but also Luke's 2nd birthday... Time for a new joke honey, seriosly that big birthday party was sooo last year!

  7. Happy birthday, Luke! I remember being devastated when Kaitlyn was too old to ride on a plane for free. We haven't been on one since (with two kids over two years old, it's cheaper to drive... even with gas being almost five bucks a gallon)!

  8. Nothing says happy birthday like throwing a big bash for a small child that they will never remember. You guys are awesome parents.



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