Today I had a Father's Day revelation: My children have a father. We know who he is. He supports our family. Period.

My sister brought over a young woman and her 4 month old son tonight for Father's Day dinner who is currently meeting with the missionaries. (Oh, I'm in Arizona at my parents house by the way, picking up Luke. More about that later.) This girl originally was living in California. When her baby was five days old, she and her boyfriend rode a bus for 36 hours to Mesa. Once there, her boyfriend rarely worked, cheated on her and claimed that he couldn't possibly be the father of her baby. The other night he said he was going out with some friends and he never came home. When she investigated further, she realized that he had taken all of his clothes and belongings with him when he left. Nice.

Talk about putting things in perspective. I worry about which shoes to buy and how to go on vacation with two children, while this poor girl is trying to save up a hundred dollars to fly back to California. Her son is getting too big for his bassinet, but she can't afford a crib. She works at McDonalds. She lives off the government.

My children have a father. A really good father. I have no reason to complain today. Hallelujah for dads that stick around.


  1. This is a really depressing post. Couldn't you atleat put an exclamation point after your last sentence!?

  2. Yes, I am so grateful, too! That poor girl!

  3. This is such a sad sad story. Does she really work at McDonalds?!! Now is it just me or is McDonalds like the "poster child" for people like hersel? I mean- OF COURSE she works at McDonalds!

  4. Hooray for men that actually act like men!(and have fun like little boys...lets be real here)

  5. okay 2 depressing posts in a row...3 if you count the poop and vomit post :) but even writing this makes me laugh...so you get bonus points for that!!

  6. I think all the time, how grateful I am for such a great husband and how I am not a single mother. I think it would be the hardest thing EVER..



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