Modesty IS the best policy. It really is. I try to be a "good girl" (besides, who really wants to see my junk hanging out of clothes) and shop for "modest" clothing. Since it is difficult, especially during the summer, to find modest clothes, a lot of people I know buy "immodest" clothing and modest-ize it. Along those lines, I found this site that lists ways to make your clothes modest. These include:

Tank Tops (under your clothes)
Tube Tops (under your clothes)
Short Sleeve Jackets

Notice anything missing from this list? If you guessed WEARING T-SHIRTS UNDER "IMMODEST" DRESSES, then you win!

I am by no means a fashionista and my family (especially my sisters) will attest to this. It is so bad that Erik suggested that I set aside a large sum of money to buy all new clothes after I lose the baby weight. (That was either an incentive get me to lose the weight fast, a big hint that he hates my clothes, or both.) However, in my opinion there is just something very wrong about wearing t-shirts under dresses, in particular, formal evening gowns. It just looks really really dumb.

Did anyone notice David Archuleta's mother's outfit at the American Idol Finale on Wednesday night? I could be wrong, but it looked like Mrs. Archuleta was wearing a formal evening gown over a t-shirt. She's probably a super nice lady, but she has evidently succumbed to what I call, "Tacky Modesty." Here is an example of tacky modesty that I found in an advertisement online:

Tacky Modesty was undoubtedly invented by someone out there (probably from Utah) who had the bright idea of wearing a t-shirt underneath an immodest dress. I see at least 2 young women each week at church wearing strapless dresses over t-shirts. Who thought this was a good idea? Does anyone really think a strapless dress over a t-shirt looks good?

A good rule of thumb when looking for modest formal evening wear is to follow the Mormon celebrities, like Marie Osmond or Gladys Knight. I have never seen them perform or walk down the red carpet wearing an immodest dress over a shirt. Another example would be to imagine Brooke White on stage with the other female American Idol finalists. Picture all the other women wearing identical dresses, but Brooke is wearing her dress over a t-shirt. Everyone would think that looks stupid (because it does!), yet people continue to try to pull off this look day after day.

I would apologize to anyone who might be sporting the Tacky Modesty look, but I really thought it was important to get the word out. I admire your good intentions, but please, just stop. There are other ways to be modest that don't involve old t-shirts. Thanks.


  1. I don't get the t-shirt under the dress thing. Totally tacky and unattractive, not that I have worn any dresses lately...

  2. Its not the idea that makes it tacky, (the layering of clothes) its the fact that its a TSHIRT. Something so casual mixed with something that is not. I will write a blog for you- because I have A LOT to say on this subject.

  3. That dress doesn't even look immodest. I am surprised she isn't wearing a turtle neck. I have never seen the strapless dress with t-shirt.

  4. Tacky, tacky, me because I thought that dress you posted with the white shirt (and I wouldn't call it a t-shirt) is a cute outfit. Now if she were wearing a short-sleeved shirt, then I would call it tacky. I guess I'm a little fashion-impaired.

  5. Totally agree! T-shirts just do not go with dresses. Another pet peeve of mine is when girls at church (mostly young women, but I have seen adults do it, too) wear a logo tee with a skirt. Can't you get just a little more dressed up for church?!

  6. Check my blog... I just wrote a post about this.

  7. I agree. I, too, subscribed to this school of thought, back when I was in seventh grade. It took me until eighth grade to figure out I didn't like the trend. But I applaud people for trying.

  8. I really don't appreciate your anti-Utah comments, Cristin. [I know, I don't have to read your blog.] Also, I'd suggest you take a look at some of Gladys Knight's pics on Google images before you suggest that people pick her as a role model.
    I've never noticed the t-shirt tacky modesty. I'm really annoyed by girls who think they are wearing their garments correctly when they are purposely showing.



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