The Blush that my friend Katie sent me could not have arrived on a better day!

I don't know what's worse -

Exposing myself (i.e., MY BOOB) while nursing in public.
Exposing my disgusting stretch marked jelly belly while nursing in public.
Exposing the upper half of my stretch marked butt while nursing in public.

While I am a huge advocate of breastfeeding, I do understand why some people don't do it. It takes work and a willingness to lift your shirt up anywhere and at anytime to appease a hungry newborn. (I know it gets better, that's why I'm still doing it.) No matter how hard I try, I never seem to be able to master the blanket over the shoulder, Hooter Hider, nursing shawl thing, etc. A big part of me wants to militantly nurse everywhere with no cover-up and be like, "Deal with it people!" However, I know that the world doesn't work that way and me exposing myself in public will probably cause more problems than help for the breastfeeding movement.

So back to the Blush. If you're not familiar with the product, it's like a tube top that just goes around your waist. (See the picture above, you can't even tell it's not an undershirt). At first glance it doesn't look elastic enough, but once I put it on, it had no problem staying in place. I have a long torso, and now with the way my body has changed since pregnancy, my shirts don't fit so well either. This nicely covers that little gap between pants and shirt and hides my jelly belly. I also love how I can adjust how low I need it to go. True, I could wear a long tank top or shirt to layer underneath my clothes, but do I honestly want another layer to deal with when I'm already trying not to expose myself in public while nursing?

As if she weren't already so fantastic for sending me those Blushes, Katie is offering 20% off to anyone who orders 2 or more Blushes off the website. The coupon code is: WELOVEBLOGGERS.



  1. These saved me while I was in that "in between" stage where my regular pants didn't fit but I was too small for maternity pants... so many great uses for it! You can also get them at Motherhood Maternity (they're called the Tummy Sleeve) but your friend looks like she has a better deal!

  2. Those look cool. I hate that my belly is exposed or the side of you or whatever. It doesn't look as tight as the tummy sleeve, which Trine bought. I'll have to try one!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out Cristin! Glad you like them........I LOVE THEM.....buuuuuuut I am a little partial to the idea and the fabric that we use. Woot Woot! There's nothing else like it (similar....but NOT the same).

    Enjoy the coupon!

  4. It seems like a great idea. I didn't even know I needed one, and now I am wondering how i have been living without it!

  5. I felt the same way. I bought one of Katie's amazing product after I was done nursing. If I have another child I am definitely going to be using them. They are great...

  6. These look really cool...too bad your friend didn't offer us the babysteals.com price!

  7. What a good idea!! Why didn't I think of those? I am going to try them!!

  8. I haven't heard of it before, but like Candace said "IF ... I have another child I am definitely going to be using them."



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