One of the great things about having a new baby was all the visitors and help we received over the past month! I feel so fortunate to have had constant help for 3 weeks straight. So, here's my "shout out" to all the great help! I really can't say thank you enough.

Mom and Dad Lassen arrived the day Charlie was born and took Luke away for 5 days! It was a big treat for us to be alone with Charlie.

Luke came home via Candace and Lizette. Candace made us delicious food and Lizette kept Luke entertained.

When Candace left, my Mom arrived and stayed for a week. Of course I cried when she left. She did so much for me, I thought I'll never be able to do this on my own. (Mom, you are welcome ANYTIME. )

After Erik took a week off, my sister-in-law Else and brother-in-law Haans came for the weekend. They held Charlie a lot, and even changed Luke's diapers. (That takes courage because "big boy" diapers are disgusting.)

Then finally, last weekend, my sister Kaci and brother-in-law Salesi stopped by. Kaci is a nanny, so she is a pro when it comes to kids. She showed me how to calmly get Luke dressed for church, something I still have not mastered.

And now I am ALL ON MY OWN... and I'm somehow functioning (even blogging!) While all the help was good, it did get me thinking that I couldn't do anything on my own with two children, yet I'm now figuring it out day by day and actually gaining a lot of self confidence. I still haven't tried to take both of the kids to the store by myself, and probably won't for awhile. Admittedly, Luke does watch a lot of Sesame Street. However, I can honestly say that no tears have been shed since I've been officially "flying solo" and sometimes I would even call having two kids under the age of two, "FUN." That's not to say that if I could afford it, I would definitely hire someone to help me. Do you know anyone with good references who will work for a $1 an hour?


  1. Congratulations!! The more I watch you moms with more than one kid, I think you are tough. I'm happy that you're actually enjoying motherhood -- sometimes it's really hard.

  2. Oh you don't know how badly I wish I could come and visit! I must find a way! you're a great mom! Jonah even watched sesame street this morning because I was feeling so sick.

  3. The good news is, it just keeps getting easier from here! (Although... I admit that Kaitlyn turned into a TV adict around the time that Gavin was born. And that hasn't changed since.)

  4. Charlie looks so stinkin' cute in that picture with Else!

  5. Are you sure you're not lathering sunless tanner on Charlie instead of baby lotion?

  6. For my first month as a new parent, I dreamed of having hired help. I don't think I'm ready to go through that again. I still think AJ's fat face looks normal for everyone else.

  7. It was so much fun seeing you on Monday. It was such a nice surprise. Cristin, you are my idol. I can't believe that you have two kids. You are going to be great..
    Can't wait to see you on Sunday.

  8. Okay I you totally are the coolest mom ever. I just can't imagine having two kids. Thanks for the inspiration. You are awesome.

  9. That brings back lots of memories... two was a handful, and mine weren't even as close in age as yours- But I agree with you it was fun and my kids made me happy! I must admit though... moving on to 3- That was scary! I'm wondering what 4 is going to do to me. AHHH!

  10. I love the picture of Luke and Lizette. SOoooo biiiiiizzy.

    Way to go hot mama.



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