I wanted to be sure to document Luke's latest going to sleep ritual. For awhile now I have been tucking the book I read to him right before he goes to bed into his crib with him. Well that has escalated into him requesting everything he can think of to be put in the crib with him before he sleeps. I am not making this up. Here are his recent requests from just ONE nap time:

An Airplane
Erik's Pilot Textbook
Elmo Hat
A Striped Shirt
Elmo Shoes
Sippy Cup of Milk
3 Random Books
A Plastic Boat
Buzz Lightyear
2 Blankets
2 Pillows
Granola Bar

He literally is sleeping on top on legos, a plastic boat and a huge aviation textbook. Doesn't that sound uncomfortable?!

Of course I don't give him everything he requests (sorry, no granola bars in bed), but can you really blame him? If I knew I was going to be zipped and trapped in my bed by a tent, I would want everything in there with me too.


  1. Kaitlyn went through the same phase. Kids are so funny! Lovin' the elmo hat, by the way. ;-)

  2. How funny! Maybe he's taking the Macgyver approach to life and trying to see if he can escape his crib tent with random objects.

  3. That is really funny it's like a negociation with luke, it's like he has all these demands and your standing by saying no or giving it to him. Stand strong don't give in he'll come to you.

  4. Luke sure is smart! but Erik's textbooks? How does he even ask for that?

  5. I wonder how long it will take him to rip a hole in that screening and "escape". Does he seem to like the tent still?

  6. If you could ever get over the Jason Castro thing (I was a big fan of his voice), I would really enjoy meeting you for lunch sometime. The only thing is, I have absolutely no idea where Tehachapi, California is. It sounds far away, and maybe like it's hidden in the hills or something.

    But if we are ever in AZ at the same time (or I ever find Tehachapi or you ever happen to be in Southern Alberta, Canada), I would like very much to meet up with you.



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