When I used to think of co-sleeping, the first thing to come to mind was Luke literally jumping on my head, while Erik and I lied there, protecting our faces with our hands, trying to sleep. This was not exactly my idea of a good night's rest. I never understood how people could stand to let their children in bed with them.

THEN I bought this beautiful invention -

The Arm's Reach C0-Sleeper

So... you're probably looking at this photo and thinking, "That's nothing more than a glorified bassinet." Pretty much. It folds up like a pack n' play for easy transport, it also has pockets, wheels and storage underneath the bed. The side can go up or down and will attach to the side of your bed.

When Luke was a baby, he lasted in our room, in a bassinet that was not connected to our bed, for about 1 week. He would hardly sleep in it, and when he did, he was noisy. He spent most of his time sleeping in the swing... so much so that I worried his head would be permanently deformed. I would get up every 1 to 3 hours during the night to nurse him. This meant getting up, out of bed, and sitting on the couch, where I would sit and watch infomercials and other quality late night television. I was a zombie during the day. I didn't feel like myself for almost a year until Luke finally began to sleep "through the night."

As soon as I discovered I was pregnant with Charlie, I started freaking out about the inevitable lack of sleep. I had no clue how I was going to cope with Luke and stay up at night to care for Charlie. This co-sleeper has made all the difference. During the course of a typical night, Charlie will wake up, I pull him out of the co-sleeper (I'm half-awake, since I don't have to get up), I nurse him lying down, put him back into the co-sleeper. I don't look at the clock either. So, I really have no clue how much he's getting up, which seems to fool myself into thinking I got more sleep than I did. Sometime around sunrise, Charlie ends usually up in bed with us because I will fall asleep while nursing... which is totally fine, since that means we are both getting more sleep.

I realize this isn't exactly revolutionary. People have been doing this for years - extending their beds, taking the sides off of bassinets, etc. - so, why did it take me until now to figure this out?

I can honestly say that it is 4:30 p.m. right now, and even though I didn't get a nap today, I'm still functioning. I'm tired, but I'm functioning, and that's more than I could say when Luke was this age. It's a good feeling. The only problem is that I love this feeling of being well rested so much, that I don't know how soon I will want to move Charlie out of our room!


  1. You and I do things the same way, and I too LOVE it b/c it gives me the energy I need to be a mom of three throughout the day. Both of my other kids slept in our room until they were around 6 months old...Elisabeth was probably more like 4-5 mos. b/c that's when she started sleeping through the night and I think Charlie slept w/us(I mean in our room) until around 11 mos. for the same reason. And it really was no big deal or a problem for Scott and I actually really like doing it that way b/c I always got the sleep I needed

  2. It makes for snuggly babies too.... =+) AAAaaaaand its so much easier.

  3. I love co-sleeping. I don't own a co-sleeper. It's one of those things I keep meaning to get but never have. Hayden just slept in the middle of our bed and I loved it. I was one of those moms that swore before having kids that I would NEVER co-sleep but it works out great for all the reasons you listed. When Owen came along I was so excited to co-sleep again and he wanted nothing to do with it. From day one he would only sleep in his crib. Let's hope baby #3 gets the memo that I like to co-sleep.

    I'm happy to hear you're getting the rest you need and are able to function throughout the day. I fear that with child #3 I will be addicted to diet pepsi to give me energy.

  4. I could never, ever sleep with a baby in my room unless absolutely necessary. I can hear Jackson breathing in the next room. You are brave women for doing the co-sleeping thing, and I'm glad you've found something that works for you.

  5. Cristin, whatever works to help you sleep I think is great! Hope your "solo" week is going well so far. I'm proud of you!
    Love, mom lassen

  6. That is awesome! I started co-sleeping with bella when we moved in with dan's parents...really the only good thing that came of that! lol by then she was 5 months old and i was kicking myself wondering why i had never done that before. it was so great! Rock on Cristin! Good luck keeping up with your cute little boys! :)



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