As if.

Okay, it's been almost two weeks since Charlie was born. The whole reason I had these kids so close together was because random strangers, family members, friends, etc. promised me they would be great friends. "They" said that two kids is eventually easier than one because they entertain each other. So, like, when does this happen, because I'm getting tired.

Alright - it hasn't been that bad, but that's because I've had a lot of help. My mom is currently out with Luke at the grocery store. I'm sitting here typing at the computer with Charlie lying on my chest, strapped into the Snugli. Yesterday morning while my mom and Erik were both out for various reasons was the first major test. Here are some sample questions:
#1: You're comfortably nursing a newborn, when you suddenly hear your toddler pushing chairs around in the kitchen, screaming for milk. When you try to get up, your newborn screams uncontrollably and spits up inside your bra. Do you:

a) help your toddler?
b) continue nursing the newborn?
c) ignore them both and take a shower because you are drenched in puke?

#2: You need to take a shower to get ready for church, but there are no other adults in the house. It's not safe to leave the toddler alone with the newborn because he likes to jump on his head and feed him fruit snacks. Do you:

a) skip the shower, put on lots of deodorant, and hope no one stands close enough to smell you at church?

b) put the newborn in the bathroom with you in a bouncer so you can watch him while you shower, although this means your toddler is roaming the house with no supervision?
c) same as b, except turn on the t.v. for your toddler, deadbolt all the doors, and pray the toddler doesn't do anything crazy during your shower?

I wish I was making these scenarios up. My life seriously feels like its turning into a test about priorities and who gets taken care of first. The other night, around 3 a.m., Luke threw up and Charlie was crying. No big deal, because there are two of us, but what happens when Erik and I are outnumbered? Hopefully, when and if we have more children, Charlie and Luke will be good friends by that point and can work together for good. (You know, like a team of superheroes!) Anyway, that's in the future... the very distant future.


  1. I don't know about all the mothering stuff--what I DO know is that those two kids look nothing alike to me. Did Luke have dark hair like Charlie at first? If so, it's AMAZING the changes kids can make.

  2. I want the answers! Oh my goodness crisitn! What are you going to do??! Charlie is sooooo cute... together they are an oreo cookie! I'm coming to help this summer! Except, than there will be three!!... thats why I'm bringing Kelley!

  3. omg!!!! Charlie looks just like moms baby pic!

  4. Oh my gosh, your life sounds EXACTLY like mine was when I first had Gavin (and Kaitlyn was 20 months old). It was complete madness!!! So here are my answers to the sapmle questions:
    #1. A (because if he gets to that milk, and spills it all over the floor, you will have an even bigger problem.

    #2. D - put Luke in his crib and zip him in while taking a shower (thank you, crib tent) and bring the baby in the bathroom so you can see him if he gets upset.

    Good luck! And hopefully your kids will end up being good friends and make life easier. My two haven't reached that magic age yet. :-)

  5. Your kids look so very different. Was Luke's hair ever dark?? Is this everyone's reaction and you are sick of hearing it? :)

    When # 3 was born, we came home from the hospital and #s 1 and 2 both got the flu. #2 threw up and only wanted me. # 3 of course only wanted me. I think I slept in 30 minute increments all night.

    Yes... priorities. I would say zipping Luke up in the tent seems the way to go. I always feel bad about abandoning the older kid for the newborn because I don't want them to secretly/subconsciously resent their new sibling. One more worry for your plate. :)

  6. Your kids look as similar to each other as my kids! I think some people think that my kids have different fathers b/c one is blonde haired blue eyed and the other very dark hair, very dark brown eyes...but both very cute, just like yours!

    You'll figure things out soon enough. I think the first month or two you just have to let a lot of things go and realize that things will change once your Charlie gets used to being out of the womb and living. A lot of keeping my sanity has to do w/my own preparations. For example, I take my showers at night now, when scott is home, or sometimes during the day if Charles and baby annabelle are sleeping (elisabeth's at the age now that she's not someone that keeps me worried). I know things can be hectic at times (seems like at least once a day for us :)) but you sound like you're doing a really great job already and he's only 2 weeks! You're a wonderful mommy, just keep at it!

  7. I just want you to know that in a couple of months you will all of the sudden go, "wow, this IS managable!" Well, it's hard to remember, but I think it was around 2-4 months (after baby #2 was born)that things will start to feel balanced. Getting over your sleep deprivation makes everything a million times better! For question #1, I'd say right before you nurse, sit Luke down with his favorite movie or give him milk too. I know you might feel like Luke will be watching t.v. all of the time, but do what makes YOUR life easier right now. From my own experience....after I had my second, I did get so busy with my toddler and my milk ended up drying up 4 months into it. So I say, give Luke the big "Mommy's helper talk", prepare things for nursing time (for Luke to do), and try (haha try) to focus on Charlie while nursing. I know it's all easier said than done and toddlers are so demanding! As far as question #2, I saw no other way to do it, but to take showers at night when my husband was home. If you get puked on during the day...um, maybe wait till Luke's nap (if he takes one) to do a quick shower with Charlie in the bouncer. I'm getting tired thinking and remembering all of this. Anyway, the craziness doesn't really stop, but you get used to it and two kids is double the JOY, I promise! So that's my input, coming from a mom who's 2 year old is taking everything out of the fridge right now as I type, and throwing onions in the sink and saying, "ball!"

    p.s. Charlie is sooo adorable!

  8. Lets just say Kylee watched a lot of TV! Really it does get easier....most of the time. Like has been said before you just have to get Luke going on something or settled before nursing time starts. While nursing Sarah, Kylee hid from me once and when I was done nursing I couldn't find her....called the police...had the whole neighborhood searching for her and then ended up finding her behind the coach painting my carpet with fingernail polish (lovely). But now Kylee and Sarah do entertain each other and I know if Sarah is getting into trouble cause Kylee comes and "tells" me when i'm in the shower....very helpful to have a spy now. Hang in there....its so fun later to watch them interact and love each other.

  9. Charlie looks like MOR MOR!

  10. I used to do the shower thing by bringing Cozette in the shower with me. It saved me a lot of trouble and worry about her attacking Atalie. The milk problem, nurse while walking around and getting Luke his milk! And Luke will adjust to waiting his turn. :)

  11. I never had to worry about Penny when #2 was born. She was almost 3. But if I need to shower now or do something, I put a gate up in Liam's room so he can play in his room and stay in his room. And our bathroom is right next to his room so I can peek out my curtain into his room if I need to. But he doesn't try to climb over like I'm thinking Luke has already mastered. Maybe you could put up a REALLY tall gate so he can't get out of his room while you shower or something? I also have a 5 year old that tattles constantly and gives me a play by play of everything that Liam is doing all day long. Super annoying but handy for the times I'm in the bathroom and penny screams out, "Liam has a knife!" or something like that.

  12. Cristin...you can do hard things! I know you! Don't have too high expectations each day with your house, etc. and just love them both the best you can. You'll get a much more peaceful shower if you can take it at night when Erik is home to watch the kids.
    I love you! You are doing "small but great things"! Oh these boys are both so cute!!!
    gramma lassen xoxoxoxoxo

  13. oops...that last comment was really from me, Debi...not Steffen...I'm on his site adding something to his blog...sorry!
    again...love ya, gramma lassen

  14. oh my gosh! I thought the exact same thing when I saw that pic!! Charlie looks just like MOM!!! ha funny.. wow he is DARK!!! where did he come from!!??

  15. I thought this pregnancy was somewhat of a surprise. Love Gramps Lassen

  16. I found your blog through Trine, and now I am usually a sneaky silent reader (hopefully you don't mind). Anyway, I had to comment because I just had my second baby (my first is two) and I feel for you! My best solution for showering has been to let him watch his only movie of the day while I shower, and put the baby in a room with a childproof doorknob. (Our bathroom is too small to have the baby in it.) It helps even more if you can give the toddler a snack so it will be a special time of day he really looks forward to. Good luck!

  17. hi cristin! it's faith [crosby] bast, a blast from the past. [it just works out that it all rhymed like that.] so i don't even know how i got to your blog. i was just stalking and meandering through strangers lives and then, wait a minute!...she's familiar. this blogging world is very strange. so how the heck are ya? oh wait, i already know. i read your whole [almost] blog. looks like you're doing very well. good for you! and aren't you so brave delivering a baby at home. kudos. it's funny because i have two little boys too, close in age, and one of them came out with black hair [although it's lightened quite a bit] and the other one is a total tow-head. and my husband is also an engineer. and we almost named our oldest son Luke. omg. we have so much in common! who knew? so, anyway. hi!
    and p.s. it gets easier.

  18. I still think you are crazy for having TWO kids...



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