(I totally stole that blog post title from this great Newsweek article about Mormons in reality television.)

Everyone I have spoken with today has asked me at some point in the conversation who I think will win American Idol. So, since I seem to be some sort of un-official authority on the matter, let's review the situation.

It's down to this guy (the Mormon):

Or the Non-Mormon -

(If anyone knows what the significance is of that orange rubber band around his hand, please do tell.)

I think the judges made it pretty clear last night that they want the Mormon to win. So, yeah, the Mormon is who I think will win too.

The real question though is does Archuleta deserve to win? I don't think so. He's great at those ballads, but Cook is more versatile, despite the HAIR. (Oh that hair... how could we rescue that? Would it be better to shave it off?) The best possible thing to happen to David Cook at this point would be to NOT win American Idol. That way he doesn't have to release "Dream Big" as his first single (although it does have a Bon Jovi-esque sound to it) and he'll have more creative freedom with his c.d.

I love this kind of stuff, especially since it won't matter next week. A month from now, everyone will be like, "Who were the top 2 again? What were their names?"


  1. I think that the orange band is in support for the type of Cancer his older brother has and is supposed to be pretty close to dying from. :( His other brother wore it last week too when he was called up on stage with David.

    I like the post title - hilarious!

  2. I happened to be driving through Utah today (unfortunate, I know) on my way to AZ from Canada. I flipped on the radio to see what they were saying about David A., for I knew they would be saying SOMETHING about David A.

    One girl (teeny bopper, to be sure) called in and said she'd prayed fervently last night that Archuleta would win American Idol, and that if he did not win, she would finally know whether the church is true or not.

    I'm still not sure if this was a joke. She sounded so sincere.

  3. Yes, his brother has brain cancer and its to support that type of brain cancer. Again, why he has AC plastered on his guitar and jackets throughout the competition (Adam Cook I think).

    I think his hair looks so wierd (huge improvement from how it looked at the beginning of the show) because he has what is known as a five head (bigger than a forehead). So I peronsally don't think his hair looks bad, but his huge forehead takes some getting use to. It took me 5 episodes to figure this out....and now I don't mind it so much.

    My parents had 10 children with fiveheads. Good times.



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