I can't take it anymore. I have to write something about David Archuleta. I realize that my honesty might offend many of you. It's this unspoken rule that the general public does not criticize precious Davy. The few times anyone has criticized him, its like, "GASP! How dare you! Don't you realize this is David Archuleta!? THE DAVID ARCHULETA!"

Take this video for example. When I noticed the background singer crying, I was like, "Uh, did I miss something? Did her cat die?"

This kid has a great voice. You can't argue with that. However, what the heck?? Every contestant in the top 12 has a great voice this year! It's about what you do with that voice and how you present yourself. The real question is, will I buy his album? NO, because I'm not a fan of Peabo Bryson and that is who David Archuleta reminds me of. After listening to David Archuleta sing adult contemporary ballads, week after week, I just can't take it anymore. Then the judges praise him like he's the greatest thing ever. If he does make a mistake (like forget the lyrics), they say,"Well... you are only 17!" Am I the only one that thinks he sings like a 40 year old trapped in the body of a 17 year old?

Please don't think I am demeaning little Davy's character in anyway. I'm sure the boy is a great and sweet kid. All I'm asking is that he act and sing like a 17 year old. When this competition is over, he will have two options: 1) If he continues down this strange Adult Contemporary path, he will inevitably have a Clay Aiken-esque career where he only appeals to this strange cross-section of 40 something women and my sisters or 2) If he starts acting his age, he will star in musicals on the Disney Channel. I vote for the Disney Channel!


  1. I agree totally with you I really don't think that I would buy one of his records either. Everytime I might bring somthing about this kid it's always the same comments like "your just jelious" or "your just upset because he is cuiter than you". So I am on your side with this.

  2. Zach is in love with David. Every time we watch American Idol he says "If David doesn't win, then something is really screwed up!"

  3. I don't know who Peabo Bryson is... but I think he is more of a Michael McDonald annoying singer. He will be doing commercials for Sprint! I do think he is an amazing singer, but I don't want to buy his album... I would buy: Jason Castro's, Carly's, David Cook's (as long as it is more Daughtry and less creed- but I did not like him singing Mariah Carey- it was creepy)

  4. I haven't followed Idol at all, but after watching that clip I say you're right on . . .and I would prefer Disney channel too. He's definitely got the looks to make it with the teeny bopper crowd.

  5. I actually like David, because of his personality and voice. But the truth is, he does do songs that are too old for him. The problem is the couple of times he's done up-beat stuff he's gotten reamed, and every week he does the ballads, THEY LOVE HIM, no matter what. So I don't blame him, but I do wish he would do more John Mayer and Jason Mraz type stuff like he did for his try-out. That would suit him better I think.

  6. Oh My Gosh, Peobo Bryson. I laughed out loud when I read that. I totally agree with you. He is an amazing singer but I can't picture him as Thee American Idol. I too think the Disney route would work well for him. I'm a Carly and David fan.

  7. David Archuleta is an angel, and now you're going straight to Hell.

    : )

    Just kidding.

    I like him, because I think his voice is nice, yes...but you're right--ALL of them have great voices (except Kristy Lee Cook, may she rest in peace). It's just that David A. is so...fuzzy. No, not fuzzy. But something else comforting. He just seems so NICE.

    It could all be a facade, but if so...it's working for him.



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