As much as I would love to get Luke out of diapers, I doubt I will consider potty training him before he is 2 1/2, at least. I keep hearing these horror stories from my friends about how they tried to potty train too early and it was a nightmare, so we will wait... at least that's the plan. However, recently Luke has started going into the bathroom, removing his pants and diaper, and then using his little step stool to sit on the toilet. Sounds peachy, huh? Except that the way Luke sits on the toilet is more like doing the splits across the widest part of the seat. The first few times I witnessed this I thought he was trying to step inside the toilet.

Yesterday when I was at Target, I couldn't resist picking up this little gem: The Munchkin All Star Potty Seat. Luke was in love instantly. He carried the seat around the house, wore it on his head, and kept pointing to the seat and saying, "Balls, Mommy! Balls!" Erik put him to bed last night, and when I went into his room this morning I found him sleeping with the seat in his crib. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

So, it's turned into this fun little game where Luke sits on the All Star Potty Seat for a few minutes, acts like he's going to go (but never does), wipes himself, flushes the toilet and then says, "Yay!" as if he accomplished something great, when all he really did was go through the motions. I, in the meantime, like to fantasize that maybe he will potty train himself on his own (yeah right).

Of course, if he is unable to potty train himself on his own, there is always this idea. I hate news stories like this. They are so depressing. Why on Earth would anyone think it is a good idea to deprive a 23-month old (almost the same age as Luke) of water for bedwetting? These nuts even laced drinking glasses throughout the house with hot sauce so that the poor boy wouldn't drink it. It almost sounds like the type of deprivation technique that would be invented by the crazy Babywise people.


  1. Thats pretty good that Luke can go through the entire process, including PRETENDING like he is going. You should put him in the movies! Its like, "Do you need a toddler who can "pretend" to be going poo poo...? We've got him!"

  2. Sweet! I've never heard of a kid going thru all the motions before....I would love that! I am for waiting too....unfortunately means two in diapers but I tried early with Kylee and it was a nighmare until she hit the magical 2 1/2 age.

  3. Hayden was kind of old when he potty trained but it was a breeze because we waited until he was really really ready. One day we said, "no more diapers" and he said "cool" and that was the end of that.

    I had a friend that potty trained her child using some Dr. Phil one-day method. It took her a year...no thanks.

    People keep telling me to potty train Owen before I have the new baby. He's only 20 months...again, no thanks.

  4. Hey, don't be surprised if he really does potty train himself. That's what my #2 boy did. He would pretend like Luke is doing and one day he actually went while pretending and tah dah he was done. He never wore a diaper again (except at night of course because I didn't deprive him of water).

  5. Yeah, I'm not even thinking about potty training with Gavin until he's at least two and a half. With Kaitlyn I tried multiple times once she turned two and got sick of her sitting on the potty and then peeing on the floor five minutes after she left the bathroom. So I waited until just after her third birthday (I know, kind of old, but it worked for us) and she was trained in a day (including night time). It was awesome. It's all about the right timing!

  6. Set him on the potty backwards, as in facing the tank. It worked wonders for my boys. (They didn't feel like they were falling in) They faced the wrong way until they got the hang of standing up the right way. Now instead of cleaning the bathroon once or twice a week it's everyday. Their aim is horrible. Boys!



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