I haven't blogged a lot this week, for various reasons. The #1 probably being that Luke has stopped sleeping like he normally does and it makes me want to poke my eye out with a stick. Literally.

It all started last week when we went to Camarillo for a few days. He quickly figured out that he could escape from the Pack n' Play. That was fine. We were in a new place, so that was to be expected. The only way to get him to stay in bed was to lay in the room with him until he fell asleep.

We got home, and I guess the Pack n' Play gave him some ideas. The first night home, he scaled the sides of his crib, and came out of his room doing a victory dance. He's been escaping his crib for some time now and we keep lowering it. About 2 months ago, Erik actually drilled new holes into the crib and lowered it as far as it can possibly go. We both knew we were prolonging the inevitable task of teaching him to sleep in a "big boy" bed, but we were hoping that we could get another good 6 month use out of the crib so that we wouldn't need to deal with this until after the new baby arrived.

No such luck.

Last night was so bad that Erik and I took turns walking Luke back to bed. We would trade off - he takes 10 walks back, I take 10 walks back. It lasted like this for over an hour. Finally, around 11:30 p.m., Luke stopped coming out of his room.

I know a lot of people suggest making his room into a "big crib," i.e., locking him in there one way or another. I don't feel good about doing that just yet. Maybe I will get to a point of desperation where that is an option, but not now. Naps haven't been too big of a problem because he's so tired the next day from not sleeping the night before that he falls asleep within minutes.

I'm trying to keep a good perspective on all of this. It will pass. He will grow up. Things will be okay. Just for today though, this week, all I keep thinking is, "Why now? Of all the times to stop sleeping so well, why are you picking to do this just weeks before my due date?" When Luke was sleeping well, I was scared to have two kids. Now that he's doing this, I am TERRIFIED of having two children.

I'm going to go take a nap now.


  1. I'm terrified to have kids, too...if it makes you feel better. Which it probably doesn't, because I have no children with none on the way, whereas you are about to be a mother of two... But I'm not helping you feel better, am I?

  2. (Read through this first before getting too worried.) I don't know how Luke is with sleeping in your bed, but Jackson loves our bed. We invested in a toddler bed, and I wish we hadn't because we dealt with Jackson crawling out of bed for almost 2 years. As soon as we got him a twin bed with a really good side rail, he slept through the night. He was so excited to have a big bed like Mommy and Daddy. You could always try that method.

  3. Oh my gosh, you know I totally sympathize!!! But we did end up getting that crib tent that I had talked about (we tried your idea of drilling the holes and it wouldn't work with the design of our crib). I ordered it from Walmart.com (the cheapest I could find) and it arrived in only two days even though I chose the cheapest shipping. Now everything is back to normal with Gavin's sleeping and our whole family is so much happier! Just a thought... I don't think I would switch Luke to a big bed yet if I were you since he's so young still (I'm telling you, the crib tent is totally the way to go and it is so secure that there's no way he could get out) and also I've heard many pediatricians say that it's better not to make big changes right before a baby comes (for Luke's sake, I mean).

  4. we went through a similar thing when we had our second. # 1 couldn't escape from her crib, but we wanted it to "go away" for a few months so that when #2 graduated from a cradle, she didn't remember the crib as hers. we put a baby gate on her door. so her door could be open. we even left the crib mattress in there on the floor next to the twin bed for a week. she basically played until she was worn out, then fell asleep wherever. once we found her in the corner, all the books off of her book shelf, with her head half under the twin bed. we'd put her in bed once she was asleep. after 2 weeks, she'd go to bed in the big bed fine. we still put the gate on each night, just so she wouldn't wander the house...she's never been our best sleeper. just for my sanity so i knew where she was and that she was safe. i know people who put the door handle baby proofing lock things on the inside of their kids door. i wouldn't do that. i liked the gate because she was trapped, but still sort of had access to us if she needed it.

  5. I'll be a little more specific - we've skipped a toddler bed and bought a twin bed, but haven't tried to put him in that yet. He continues to sleep in the crib still. We have it all set up for him, but haven't tried that transition yet. I'm wondering if we should since the crib is kind of pointless now.

    The door lock handle thing we actually tried and Luke opened it up! He can climb over all our baby gates too, so the only way to lock him in the room would be to install some sort of chain on the outside of the door - and I don't want to do that yet.

    Maybe I will look into the crib tent. The one I saw before had a zipper on it that Luke could undo.

    This kid is like Houdini!

  6. Yes, Luke does sound exceptionally creative! Our crib tent has a zipper on the outside, but I don't know if Gavin will ever figure out how to unzip it from the inside. It would take a lot of determintation. But I wouldn't put it past Luke to figure it out! You might try it and if it doesn't work you could always resell it on craigslist or something. The only other solution I can think of is to get a lever door handle (you have round handles now, right?) and get the baby lock made for those handles. Our house in Washington had all lever door handles and there's no way you can open it from the inside if the baby lock is on the outside of the door. I just hope you find a way to get some sleep before the new baby gets there! I know how miserable it is to be sleep deprived!!!

  7. Okay, I'm starting to feel like a blog stalker or something, but I just had to tell you... I was just up in Gavin's room and I looked at the crib tent because I wanted to see if it really would be possible to escape the zipper. It looks to me like it would be nearly impossible. There is fabric on the inside that keeps the toddler from unzipping it that way, so the only way would be for him to reach his arm through the slats in the crib and unzip it on the outside. I think it would be extremely difficult to do. You should seriously order one and try it. It would be worth a good night's sleep!

  8. We skipped the toddler bed and put Carson in a twin bed. Well actually, he sleeps on top of it with his baby blanket. We've yet to transition him into sleeping under the covers. He did really well. We hyped it up that he was so excited to have his own "big boy bed." The crib tent isn't a bad idea. If I had known about that I would have considered it for Carson.

  9. (Caitlin)My nephew is a genius. Just wait for the second one, Luke and Luke Jr, are going to team up, and you will have two great manipulators!

  10. Okay you don't know me, but I found your blog on my sister, Tiffany Pankau's blog. My name is Nikki, I am a stay at home mom of 4 kids. So I definately feel your pain. But one thing that I noticed as a mom, was that everytime I got pregnant, my youngest children showed their anxiety in different ways. My 2nd child slept through the night from the 1st day we brought him home, until I was within a couple of months of giving birth to my 3rd child. Then he started waking up at night and there was nothing I could do to change it. He even continued to wake up during the night after we brought the baby home. so I was up with two babies each night, even though he was 19 months old. There is no simple advice I can give you to cure this, but if it is him manifesting his anxiety, maybe you can address that. It still might not help, but just know that it does pass eventually and you will look back on your exhastion and mental breakdowns, as a part of growing with your children. And to quote one of my new favorite country songs "You're gonna miss this."

  11. We skipped the toddler bed too and put Kylee right into a twin. We are actually leading up to putting Sarah in one now to free up the crib. The only suggestion is that even if you do transition to a twin bed they can still get up and escape. I had to lock Kylee in for a few days but after 3 days of putting the baby lock on the inside she just asumed that she was lock in and I took it off. Good luck!



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