My husband is a really good guy, but even good guys have their limits.

For my 30th birthday, my sister, Kaci, gave me the board game, American Idol: All Star Challenge. It's like a cross between the poor man's Karaoke Revolution and Scene It... so naturally, this is the kind of game I would love. The only problem is that although there are probably quite a few "girlfriends" in town I could call to come over and play this with me, I'm too cool to let anyone know that this is what I really like to do. (As far as my everyday friends know, I am an adult who plays adult games, like Scrabble and Risk, not immature games like American Idol: All Star Challenge. I don't want to break my cover.) So, it was either call my Beehives or force my husband to play with me. I chose the latter.

I thought it was really fun, especially since I was beating Erik like crazy. (It's pathetic how much of my brain space is used up with useless American Idol knowledge and "People Magazine-esque" gossip.) There is this karaoke part to the game that really makes no sense, except that you get to sing into an echo chamber microphone. I was getting really into my version of "I'm a Slave 4 U" when I turn around after the chorus to find Erik like this:

Guess he didn't enjoy it as much as me. It's times like these that I wish my sisters lived next door. They would totally play this with me and maybe even enjoy it.

Echo chamber microphones are like the next best thing to a real one.

On a totally unrelated note, one of the whisks on my Bosch mixer broke tonight while I was making cookies. As we were eating the cookies, we kept finding "almonds" (aka white plastic shards) in the cookies. I don't think I ate any of the plastic, but the thought of it is making me sick. I wonder what kind of effect white plastic shards would have on Jurgen Danger if by chance I ingested some.


  1. My favorite part of the whole post is the shot of you, a pregnant lady rocking out. I'm sure your baby is completely familiar with your voice by now. You look great by the way!

  2. What kind of effect it would have on Jurgen Danger? Well, if by chance you ingested some of your surprise almonds, he could turn out to be several thousand dollars richer. (Robert Bosch GmbH made €43.7B ($67.2B) in 2006.)
    For bringing this to your attention, gratuity on the order of ten percent would not be out of order.

  3. "Its times like these"? so you don't ALWAYS wish we lived next door?! Well, I ONLY WISH YOU LIVED NEXT DOOR WHEN I WANT TO PLAY RISK. ha!

  4. Hi Cristin, This is your favorite father-in -law speaking. You sure are looking cute, by the way we have extra wire beaters for your bosch in the store. You'll have to come down so you can pick them up. Love Gramps

  5. HAhah that's a great picture of you! DOn't you love that dress/ shirt? It stratches so far! Your belly is huge. I wish we lived near, I would totally beat you at that game! We will have to play it when we visit you this summer. (Caitlin)

  6. Erik...such an awful picture of you! But, Cristin...you are lookin' so cute with that tummy growing every day!
    You'll have to bring your game here next time you come and we'll pull together a big family American Idol game...how fun!
    Love you,
    mom lassen

  7. That is an AWESOME picture of you Cristin! You should submit it to a magazine, seriously!

  8. You look awesome Crisit!!! I am glad that you still ate the cookies even though they have plastic shards in them. You won't drink milk that is 3 days away from the expiration date, but you will eat plastic...Haha...j/k



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