The contest is still on, and after seeing everyone's entries, I'm getting more confident that we will use one of the names listed and someone will win a pizza. So, if you haven't entered yet, you still have a chance. This game has been very helpful to me. I'm starting to see a light at the end of the "name tunnel."

Things to note, however:

I will not be naming this kid after ex-boyfriends. It's an unwritten rule. (A few of you mentioned Benjamin. Sorry, it's a great name, but it's a no go. Erik always jokes that if we have a girl her name will be Leslie Courtney Denae Lassen.)

Erik won't allow duplicates (whereas I could care less), i.e., if there is already a Peter Lassen or Will Lassen that we know, it won't work. This is a huge problem since his Aunt Gayle has taken all the really good names.

If we choose a name that has been mentioned multiple times by different people, the pizza will go to whoever suggested the name first.


  1. Hmm, no double names in the Lassen family...that might make suggestions pretty limited. Best of luck!

  2. Whatever you name this boy you better print off your blog pages for his scrapbook. Also, if you pick one of the names suggested he'll feel very honored that a pizza was given in his behalf :). I'm not joking either b/c if we're having a girl I'll need to do the same thing. We can't agree on ANY girl names.

  3. Darn you Aunt Gayle....

  4. Erik needs to get over his duplicate issues!! Benjamin is a great name.

    But I really dig the idea of a daughter named Leslie...you know ironically that's where my name came from. It's my dad's H.S. girlfriends' name. (I hate that story) :)

    I am still really looking forward to my pizza - ERIK!

  5. First three are pretty similar but I like them all, so if one name gets too popular I have options.

    1. Ethan
    Hebrew origin
    means ... firmness, steadfastness, constancy
    Biblical: A man noted for his wisdom

    2. Ian
    Scottish origin
    Variant of John (Hebrew)"God is gracious"

    3. Evan
    Welsh Origin
    means.. In Hebrew "Rock". In Celtic "young warrior". In Welsh "God is good"

    4. Cayde, Kayden(we were going to use as a middle name)
    Old English and Old French Origin
    meaning is "round, lumpish; cask.
    That doesn't sound good, but it was a character in "Gone with the wind"

  6. (cristin's mom) Hmmm...I was hoping this was a contest for middle names...anyway, I can't agree with the letting- other -people -in- the- family -get- first- dibs- on- a -name, though I went with that for my first 3 kids, then reazlized it was ridiculous, and that's why I had a "Caitlin" ten years later than I really wanted to. I think there might be a place for a William in this family, and my reasoning is this: your great grandfather was David William Goodrich, your gr.gr. grandfather was William James Stewart, your fourth gr. grandfather was Willam Comstock Alexander and your 5th gr. grandfather was William Parker Crow. So you could do the whole anglo-saxon thing and even have a "Wills" if you wanted to mimick the current royal trend. And did you ever meet a Will you didn't like? (think Will Rogers). By the way, I don't like pizza, so my choice could be very economical...

  7. I really like the name Aldan- it's cute and newer and a very studly name...all the girls will fight eachother over a boy with a name like that. It's Shea's middle name, but his nephew is named Aldan so it's out for us.

  8. i agree with erik on the whole duplicate name issue. i was named after one of my mom's old roommates (first and last... very unoriginal) and my husband has an aunt with my now married name (first and last). so i'm all for non duplication in names... at least if you can help it.

  9. So I have one more suggestion to throw out there... Dwight Schrute Lassen? It has a nice ring to it. Plus his namesake will live in infamy :) (you guys do watch the office right??)

  10. Well, my friend is having this same problem, so here are some of the top names from her blog:


    I know it's more than 5, but you sounded like you needed some help, so here are a few more suggestions.

  11. whats up with all these "new/modern" names? I dont' like them, because in 10 years.. every boy in his class will have that name. Give him a name that means something, name him after some respectable



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