The best part of this episode is a tie between a) the stupid doctor while Sun was giving birth that said, "You need a c-section" and then the nurse said 5 seconds later, "I can see the baby's head." and b) when Sun slapped Juliette.

According to some total Lost geeks on Wikipedia, Sun's story was a flashforward to mid-2005, while Jin's story was a flashback to 2002, the last year of the dragon. This would make more sense. The date of Jin's gravestone was the date of the plane crash and the toy store clerk did mention it was the year of the dragon.

Besides that, I am so confused. Does Sun think Jin is dead? (I think the people that didn't make it off the island are still alive.) Why is Hurley the only one to visit Sun? Is Sun really in Korea or is she in Koreatown, California?

Back in "real time" - should we trust Captain Gump or Dumb or whatever his name was? Is Future Sayid killing people for Ben to collect bodies to fake plane crashes all over the world? Is there some significance to the lima beans? I think its safe to assume that Michael is the spy on the boat. (One point for me.) Why does everyone allow themselves to be manipulated by Ben?

Last week we had some friends over to watch Lost who hadn't watched the show before and no matter how much we tried to explain it, I couldn't even make it make sense to myself. Every time I write a Lost recap I feel dorky like Dwight Schrute. Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica... and now, Lost.


  1. I hadn't even thought of the flasback vs. flash forward for Jin and Sun. That makes so much more sense. I was making up this whole "faking Jin's death" scenario to keep the other survivors safe. And I think that's still right, but that your ideas are right, too. Hmm . . .

  2. Can I just say thank you for blogging about Lost. I never have time to watch it right away so it's nice when I can check your blog and see what's going to happen. Love the Hurley is Fat in the Future blog. I told my parents about that and they got a good laugh. Love ya!

  3. I was kind of mad after last night's episode. Even though this show is still my favorite, I can't stand how they just keep creating more questions and hardly ever answering anything!!! It's driving me crazy! But I agree, that was awesome when Sun slapped Juliet. :-)



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