I'm trying to stay above the garbage, but some of this year's American Idol scandals are too good not to mention. Of course, there was Robbie Carrico with his alleged wig and Amanda Overmeyer's DUI (no shock there!), but the worst scandal is concerning David Hernandez from Glendale, Arizona. It seems that for the past three years he's been working as a stripper at the "mostly male" nightclub, "Dick's Cabaret."

Ah, yes, DICK'S! That's where I knew him from! I was wondering why he seemed so familiar.

Seriously, that is how he was found out. American Idol viewers recognized his face (and probably other body parts) from his stint at Dick's. His boss at Dick's said he was really good because he "had the look." So far, AI producers are keeping him on the show.

Remember "back in the day" when AI contestant Frenchie Davis got kicked off for her nude photos? That seems like another era now. Which Top 24 contestant doesn't have an illicit past these days? (Even "sweet" Ramiele Mulubay has had yucky photos surface recently.) Maybe there are so many of them with background problems these days, that the producers have to keep them on or the 2 Mormons would be the only ones left. Is it becoming so commonplace for performers to have exhibited the type of behavior that would make normal people blush that we are accepting it as normal for any up and coming star to adopt the behavior of a Lindsey, Britney or Paris before they "hit it big"?

I'll tell you one thing, it does make me think twice about David Hernandez's dance moves during his performances.

This performance by David Hernandez is for my sister, Caitlin, because I know how much she loved it.


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  2. He always did have a creepy smile. Thanks for keeping me up to date on the idol scandals. I just hope you don't find out anything disturbing about Michael Johns... he's one of my fav's.

  3. I was hoping you would play that video. Love the One your with! jk!

  4. Ugh! I am so dissapointed!!! And I was starting to like him. He really does have a good voice. Now, all respect is gone.

  5. I mean disappointed, not dissapointed. Sorry. I really can spell... most of the time.



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