At the direction of my midwife, I just went to this website and purchased an ambiguous package called the "Family Midwifery Service Birth Kit." There are no pictures of what I will be receiving, so I think it's safe to assume that the kit will look something like this:

(clicking on this picture will make it REALLY BIG)

If this picture is accurate, then I just paid $54 for a huge box of newspapers to "protect" the bed and dresser, as well as to cover the placenta so we don't have to look at it.

Other preparations include the rental of this tub:

My first thought when I saw this little tub was how on earth am I going to fit in that thing? I better fit in that or I want my money back.

The point of posting this is that looking at all these pictures today made me think that I really am a weirdo. Then I found this picture of a typical hospital labor and delivery room:

This is probably similar to the hospital room where I had Luke. It doesn't really look anymore inviting to me than the AquaDoula. In fact, if I really think about it, that bed looks really uncomfortable. I would much rather scrunch into the AquaDoula and at least be comfortable and warm when pushing the little guy out. Plus, the risk of tearing is much less in the AquaDoula. (Added bonus!)

The great thing about being in labor last time was that when we finally arrived at the hospital, I was almost heading into transition so I didn't really know what was going on and didn't have time to take in my surroundings. The tour I had gotten of the hospital weeks earlier where I thought, "Oh how cute, there's a t.v. and stuffed animals in a corner of the labor and delivery room," didn't matter because I was so out of it, or let's say, focused on getting the baby out by the time we arrived.

Either way, home or hospital, AquaDoula or Sterile Bed on Wheels, labor is not glamorous. So, why should it really matter what shows up in the mysterious "Family Midwifery Service Birth Kit"? I mean, if it takes a pile of newspapers and a spotlight to have this baby at home, then so be it. They could have been using newspapers galore at the hospital and I wouldn't have even known it.


  1. Since it's your second baby - your delivery should be so much better. I'm still in shock about you delivering in a tub...and anxious to hear how it goes.
    Your midwife kit will probably packaged to stay sterile until the midwife opens it. It is probably standard delivery tools but all plastic so they can be thrown away.

    Good Luck

  2. Dude...bag the tub...tried it in Flagstaff and there was just a lot of splashing and me thinking...get me out of thi freakin' tub!!! (nothin' like some positive encouragement eh??)

  3. Yo Foolio - I'm doin' the tub! The whole reason I'm doing it at home is FOR THE TUB!

    But the thought of you splashing around like crazy does make me laugh really hard.

  4. I am just thinking, That would REALLY suck if the tub breaks while you are in it. And all the birth water floods your whole house.. If that happens I am not coming over.

    Can you get tub insurance?

  5. I am excited that you are trying this because then you can tell me first hand what you thought of the hospital vs. the tub. yeah how do you drain the tub when your done?!?

  6. Wow, when you post the pictures it definitely makes it seem real yet strange. I've always been back and forth on the idea of home births, so I'm glad you're being the experimental one. :) And I'm with Candace...I hope the tub is studier than it looks.

  7. I'm glad you're doing the tub. I had a midwife with both of my children but delivered my eldest on our tub because the midwife said that it takes at least 2-3 hours to fill the tub and I was already 8cm when she got to our house. So I ended up using our tub which was not so comfortable. But I like it in the water especially when you are on the most painful part of your contractions. The only thing, though, that I don't like about having a baby in the tub or in the water is that it slows down your contraction and it feels like forever to get the baby out.

    But hey, goodluck on having a baby in the tub! It would be interesting to know your experience.

  8. Yeah, How do you drain the tub? Does Erik have to push it outside and let the bloody water drain down your street? I'm sure your neighbors will appreciate that!

  9. just from experience, the tub is wonderful and wonderful and all other things wonderful, and it's much bigger than it looks in the photo. I was deceived as well... for reference, my hubby was in it WITH me and there was still room to move around. and when you sit in it the water comes up to your neck.... total body submersion-- trust me, there is NOTHING better.

  10. Ah yes, the "tubidural" is truly a wonderful way to labor and give birth. I plan on doing it again this time too, but with hubby in the tub with me. I formerly attended births with your midwife (I'm now a student Midwife of my own) and owner of Little Bundles. We have all of your chlorophyll, prenatal, milk, tea and tincture needs covered. Blessings for a fabulous birth - I love your sense of humor in your blog too btw! :)



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